What is the correct spelling for PJAMAS?

If you often misspell "pjamas", fret not, as many people do. The correct term for these comfortable nightwear garments is "pyjamas". By remembering the correct spelling, you'll be able to easily find the right item in stores or online. Sweet dreams in your cozy pyjamas!

Correct spellings for PJAMAS

  • james James is a talented musician who plays the guitar and piano.
  • jams I love spreading jams on toast in the morning.
  • pajama I always wear my favorite pajama pants when lounging at home.
  • pajamas Every night before bed, I change into my comfortable pajamas.
  • pumas The pumas were elusive and difficult to spot in the dense forest.
  • pyjama I always wear my favourite pyjama set to bed.
  • pyjamas I love putting on my comfy pyjamas and curling up with a book before bed.