What is the correct spelling for PLIOT?

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Correct spellings for PLIOT

  • eliot Such was the place where the childhood of George Eliot was spent.
  • lit The trooper's eyes lit with reckless mirth, and a soft cheer came from under his breath. And I've had the fire in the parlour lit, And I'm keeping it burning bright Till my boy comes home; and here I sit Into the quiet night. – Young Fellow My Lad by Robert W. Service
  • loot A mere tip of the lark and the loot to be had was enough. Come to ravish, come to loot, Come to play the ghoulish brute. – My Foe by Robert W. Service
  • lot I know that the tax on the poor man's lot would be infinitesimal in comparison with the tax on the great corporation. And you meet your girlfriend in the parking lot Oh, but still you're aching for the things you haven't got, – Captain Jack by Unknown Author
  • pelt The game was to pelt away, retrieve your bird as quickly as you could, and pelt away again.
  • picot Monsieur Picot replied that if his sight were restored and she would consent to live in Paris, for he hated England, he would let himself be married.
  • piled I recall one group with packs piled high in a buggy.
  • pilot "And the fear of what Beardsley will do, if he finds out that the money is really in the house, is what troubles me," said the young pilot dolefully.
  • pit She knew, from the sickness at the very pit of her, how sick were her heart and her soul-and how afraid.
  • pitt "'Splain the business to him, sir," said the captain, filling his pannikin; "his name's Billy Pitt ."
  • pivot Mrs. John Day was the social pivot of Rocky Springs, and, to disobey her summons, Helen knew would be to risk a displeasure which would find reflection in every woman in the place.
  • plaid Sit ye doon there, and tak yer plaid aboot ye, or ye'll be cauld."
  • plaint Blanche, taking with her the young king her son, went to the aid of Count Theobald, and, on arriving near Troyes, she had orders given, in the king's name, for the barons to withdraw: "If you have plaint to make," said she, "against the Count of Champagne, present before me your claim, and I will do you justice."
  • plait But often during the voyage, and especially over a glass of punch, he recalled the girl with the plait .
  • plat His mother, busy with her household affairs went hither and thither about the house, from sitting room to kitchen, and then with the feeding-bucket, out on the grass plat before the house, where a flock of handsome fowl were pecking about.
  • plate I then sent for the plate .
  • plato Plato and More-would they have wished to realize their dreams?
  • platy
  • pleat "I did, but I forgot," explained Dot, trying to fold over a pleat so that the vivid streaks of green paint would not show.
  • pliant
  • plight
  • plod Yet, when the first trader, in 1786, drifted with his flatboat from Ohio down to New Orleans, thus entering the confines of Spanish territory, he was seized and imprisoned, his goods were taken from him, and at last he was turned loose, penniless, to plod on foot the long way back to his home, telling the story of his hardships as he went along.
  • plot
  • plow
  • ploy
  • pluto There was a fellow here once what was tellin' about some dog that a man named Pluto kept.
  • polio
  • polite
  • polity At the Reformation all these were swept away, and the doctrines and church polity of Calvin adopted.
  • pullout
  • split
  • Plied
  • PLO
  • plots
  • pilots Pilots, however, he said, were ready to take charge of the ships, and to carry them along the coast to the next province, where others would be found to conduct them still farther.
  • Pilate This amicable conversation, which he did not understand, was not in the least to his liking, and as Pilate turned to him he frowned in his beard.
  • pot

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