What is the correct spelling for PLOTES?

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Correct spellings for PLOTES

  • lots Oh, lots of things.
  • lotus They had stopped at the Lotus for dinner and had reached the hall shortly before the beginning of the serenade.
  • plate On either side of this standing space was half a tin plate in which musk-ox fat was burned.
  • plot Chamis undoubtedly is in the plot , and Idris and Gebhr also.
  • plotter Reticence was second nature to the plotter who had just heard of the growing power of a new enemy, but there was wine for dinner and a sympathetic listener, and under the ache of nostalgia and the need of outpouring, his discretion for once weakened.
  • Plateaus The system of mountains does not form a continuous range, but consists of a succession of plateaus and of detached mountains rising from elevated bases.
  • Polities How many times must the observation of such phenomena be multiplied before we can strike an average as to the rate of change in languages, creeds, and polities?
  • Palates Moreover, I know that the artificial mixing of foods to tempt peoples' palates is one of the principal causes of overeating, and therefore of ill health, and therefore of the ultimate destruction of the pleasures of life.
  • plots As the term advanced the whispers grew and he felt that there were plots in the air.
  • pilots Each steamer running upon the coast carries two pilots , independent of the other officers of the ship, one of whom is always at the wheel when the vessel is under way.
  • pots Above and at the sides of the fireplace hang several pots and pans, neatly arranged.
  • plates Oh, the fat talk while we ate too much-about who had made a hit and who was slipping back, and what the noo house cost and the noo motor and the gold soup-plates, and who was to be the noo knight.
  • ploys It seemed to him that all his life-he had lived eleven years-he had been standing in a corner watching other people engaging in meaningless ploys and antics.
  • poets Unlike poets , they are made, not born, and he found the Swede to be a difficult witness to handle to his purpose.
  • poles I convinced myself that in some way the attainment of one of the Poles -the effort on which I had spent sixteen years-would become possible.
  • plaits Her daughter's father must have had black hair, for Sally can make huge shining coils, or close plaits , very wide, out of her inheritance.
  • pates And when their parents saw the joy, not only in their children's eyes, but in each other's, and felt their hearts growing glad in the bodies they had regained, then they owned that the Feather-pates had been wise in their generation, and done well according to their lights.
  • pollutes By a result as inevitable as the law of gravitation, every act of sin pollutes , darkens, weakens the spiritual principle in man.
  • pelts This was due to the careful instructions of Natty Dingle, at whose feet I sat to learn woodcraft, and who used the method to save all his pelts ; for often an animal, when caught in a trap, will snap the bone by a twist of his body and then cut the leg off with his teeth, and so escape, leaving his foot in the trap's jaws.
  • plies Love sharpening his wits, he plies quite a thriving trade in time, and the beautiful boy brings him into more friendly relations with his neighbours.
  • palettes I have known students to clean their palettes many times a day just to get a little more scrapings on their presses."
  • pleats Whole rows of days of buttonholes down pleats that were often groped at through tears.
  • plods Then he turns and plods his way along shore, rolling his head from side to side as if completely mystified.
  • PLATS The Macquarie, like other Australian rivers, has a peculiar character, and this was soon apparent in the reeds and lofty yarra trees growing on reedy plats, and not, as usual in other rivers, on the edge of water-worn banks.
  • platys
  • platens This is because the Platens , although bearing only the title of Counts, are a mediatised family.
  • lodes He manages to squeeze "lodes," "gossans," "costeanings," and other impressive words into almost every sentence.
  • pallets Never could they drop off to sleep except in dread that during the night the ice on which they slept, might split, even under their very pallets , and they be awakened by the deathly plunge into the icy water.
  • platters By the time that the porridge was all gone, the fish were cooked and served up on the two wooden platters with some salt; but now came a difficulty, for there were nothing but the same two spoons to eat them with, and it is not easy to eat a trout with a spoon, especially if one has been brought up not to use one's fingers.
  • lutes Then there arose the rippling of lutes from the ladies in the next room, in slow swaying measure, with the gentle tap of a drum now and again; and the pavane began-a stately dignified dance; and among all the ladies moved the great Queen herself, swaying and bending with much grace and dignity.
  • Potts Thomas Potts , with his Pedee company, to reinforce Maj.
  • Pilates These are spongeo pilenes, or so I was told, which in English are known as Pontius Pilates -or Pontiuses for short.
  • pellets Sir George paid no attention to all this firing of cotton pellets .
  • pullets
  • academisms
  • boskiest
  • in-stalling
  • de-facers

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