What is the correct spelling for PNDING?

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Correct spellings for PNDING

  • banding We are banding together without any instruction from you or any aid society.
  • bending She looked full at Massingbred as she spoke, and, bending down his head, he said, "Had it been your place, it were mine also!"
  • binding Moreover, there is more actual binding talent available in England just now than at any previous time, and it is much to be desired that modern Groliers would give it scope, not in pulling about old books, but in binding beautifully those of our own day.
  • bonding We discussed whether we should put the entire $800 into the next year's budget or divide it paying part in cash and bonding the district for the remainder.
  • ding Self-consciousness is real, and not merely logical; it is the ground of the reality of experience; it is wider than experience, and yet is unknown except so far as it is reflected through its own determinations in experience,-this is the result of our analysis of Kant, the Ding -an-Sich being eliminated but the Kantian method and all presuppositions not involved in the notion of the Ding -an-Sich being retained."
  • ending "Well, I'm mighty thankful, for they might have had a worse ending , and it wasn't to be supposed that they'd come to a good one," he remarked.
  • finding You were my daughter and I loved you, and I didn't want them to think any less of you by their finding out you were leaving against my wish.
  • funding At our revised rates of production, we will reach only one-third of that goal by the end of 2001, or about 3,333 Etexts unless we manage to get some real funding ; currently our funding is mostly from Michael Hart's salary at Carnegie-Mellon University, and an assortment of sporadic gifts; this salary is only good for a few more years, so we are looking for something to replace it, as we don't want Project Gutenberg to be so dependent on one person.
  • landing She went upstairs and found Cassandra on the landing .
  • lending The hetman looked anxious, Jemilian lending words to his fear.
  • mending Meanwhile he himself went along to the shed which was used as a sort of storage-house by some of the fishermen; and here he found lying about plenty of pieces of net that had been cast aside in the process of mending .
  • nodding "Ah, it is early days," said Mr. Zanti, nodding his head, "there is much time, of course.
  • padding The chairs and the sofas, despite their padding , were still wicker and stiff.
  • panting Her woman's instinct told her that the man panting on the porch within six feet of the officer was the criminal wanted.
  • pending Many claims were heaped up to such an extent that further work, pending the getting rid of the rubbish, became impossible.
  • pounding For months past our guns had been pounding them so that they were mostly battered down, and only held here and there by little groups of men who dug themselves in.
  • pudding Unclasping his hands and as if stirring up the contents of a pudding -dish.
  • punting "Certainly I should, unless he pays me first, otherwise he would be punting with my money.
  • rending Long before the heart is reached, a loud cracking and rending is heard.
  • sending She was sending him out to play a man's part in the battle of life.
  • tending She did not talk of France, but feared for England anything tending to diminish authority of "powers that be."
  • undoing "Never mind," said Taras, undoing his belt and counting out the money.
  • vending In the Philippines they are sold even in the smallest food-vending shops.
  • winding The young man rose and stretched himself and turned his steps slowly back along the winding path.
  • Enduing In this robe the Lord Scales insisted upon enduing his antagonist with his own hands, and the three knights then repaired to the banquet.
  • Fending Eh, what two fools we are here, fending off the truth!
  • Handing "Here's the paper," he said, handing her an Albany newspaper of the day previous; "it tells the story right off.
  • Kneading Even in the midst of his serious anxiety, the idea of himself demurely kneading dough was too much for his gravity.
  • Minding "What is the use of minding," she whispered, trying to reassure herself.
  • Needing And I'd have been glad of your measure to get you the suit of clothes you're needing.
  • Noting "It's a pity 'e didn't leave it to young Nugent," said that gentleman, noting with much pleasure the effect of his announcement, "but 'e can't stand 'in: at no price; 'e told me so 'imself.
  • Podding
  • Sanding If properly sharpened tools have been used very little sanding is required, and then worn sandpaper should be used as it does not cut into the work as new paper cuts.
  • Wending High conical hills rose on either hand, their slopes streaked with black, forest-clad kloofs, and the two horsemen, wending their way beneath, noticed that the long winding valley they were pursuing was carpeted with a smooth, green, meadow-like sward.
  • Nadine "Nadine," she called, "are you still there?"

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