What is the correct spelling for POAIN?

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Correct spellings for POAIN

  • paean It was by this time getting late, and the paean had been sung for the attack, when the Corinthians suddenly began to back water.
  • pain The natives, in fever and pain , died.
  • paine It will be seen that four of the chief offenders of the previous ten or eleven years, namely William Jones, Nicholas Okes, Augustine Mathewes, and Robert or Richard Raworth, were absolutely excluded, their places being taken by Marmaduke Parsons, Thomas Paine , and a new man, Thomas Purslowe, probably the son of Widow Purslowe.
  • pains They, however, did not neglect either my education or my manners, but took great pains to bring me up as a young gentleman.
  • paint "What's your husband trying to paint for?
  • pair Once more the pair found themselves alone together.
  • pan We newspaper men have them, you know, and once in a while they pan out.
  • pane He had broken a pane of glass and kicked her dog.
  • pawn "A pawn ticket for a gold watch?
  • pen Watch every mark he makes with a pen , and the first time he steps over the line come to me and let me know.
  • peon The peon is unable to answer it.
  • piano But-but there's this, Maurice; if anything happens to me-the piano in the next room-it belongs to me-you will give that to Francie for her wedding-present.
  • pin Howard wondered how she had found the time to lay aside her hat, give a new effect to her hair and pin on those field flowers.
  • pine He spent his days sweeping away the withered pine needles so that fresh new green needles might grow.
  • ping Cole screamed and yelled, and dropped his cudgel, and his face was covered with blood in a moment; he yelled, and covered his face with his hands; and instantly came another flash, another report, another cruel ping of shot, and this time his hands were covered with blood.
  • plain After all, why shouldn't she speak a plain thought to an old friend, as poor Prosy was now?
  • plan What is this wonderful plan of yours?
  • poi Lasciato poi l' abito, e 'l monasterio, e datosi tutto in potere del diavolo.
  • point Why don't you get to the point ?
  • poking He was crouching on his heels in front of the grate and seemingly stirring or poking something beneath the bars.
  • pone What boy, for instance, would not change any other glory or boon that the world holds for this: They built a fire against the side of a great log twenty or thirty steps within the somber depths of the forest, and then cooked some bacon in the frying-pan for supper, and used up half of the corn "pone" stock they had brought.
  • pony Our pony , if the bell was ringing when we crossed the track coming home would break into a dead run.
  • posing He had all the English private detective's fear of posing as the genuine article.
  • potion He was afraid of meeting with decided opposition; but Croesus had cleared the way far him by telling Kassandane so much in praise of Sappho, her virtues and her graces, her talents and skill, that Nitetis and Atossa maintained she must have given the old man a magic potion , and Kassandane, after a short resistance, yielded to her darling's entreaties.
  • pun Then pun them with a due proportion of Sugar, and a little Orange-flower, or Rose-water.
  • spain "In Spain I was taken ill, and Lady Meltoun was kind to me.
  • Poling That made me feel better, for I was really afraid he had forgotten how useful a gun is out camping; and I was so taken up watching him fit it together that I almost forgot my poling, till he suddenly sung out, for all the world like a regular sailor, "Hard a-port, lad!
  • Poring From then till one o'clock he remained at his desk, solemnly poring over figures, casting accounts, comparing balance-sheets, writing letters, occasionally going for some purpose or another into the clerks' office or into the room of one of the partners.
  • Payne Previous to the visit of James the First to the University of Cambridge, in 1615, the Vice-Chancellor issued a notice to the students, which enjoined that "Noe graduate, scholler, or student of this Universitie presume to take tobacco in Saint Marie's Church, uppon payne of finall expellinge the Universitie."
  • co-equals

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