What is the correct spelling for POERTS?

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Correct spellings for POERTS

  • parts It was a common enough one in those parts .
  • pert When he had last seen the Paches, Patty had been a pretty little girl, pert perhaps, but not too much so in the eyes of the young, indulgent soldier.
  • poet "There's more of the old maid in you than the poet ," she observed briefly.
  • poetess The poetess looked up dreamily.
  • poetry Mr. Kreymborg has been active in both poetry and drama.
  • port On the east coast of Scotland, you can have a range of perhaps, ten or twenty or thirty miles from every port , which you have not got here.
  • porto With the tideless sapphire Mediterranean lapping the yellow beach on the one side and high brown rocks upon the other, we went through Savona, Albenga, the old-world Porto Maurizio to the glaring modern town of San Remo and palm-embowered Bordighera, that beautiful Italian Riviera that you and I know so well.
  • Piers Yes-we worked together on the piers of the big bridge over the Delaware; oh, long ago.
  • Pats Everybody who comes near pats me on the shoulder.
  • Pets She has brought two dogs with her, also, out of a number of pets which she maintains at home.
  • Powders Tiki-pu, while he squatted and ground at the colour-powders, would listen to his master lecturing to the students.
  • Sports Mr. Spokesly recalled a remark made by Mr. Marsh one day at the Sports Club: Oh!
  • pits Will was very firm there: Auntie was not to be admitted at Vine-Pits on any pretext whatever.
  • posts Upernavik is one of the largest Danish settlements in Greenland and one of the most important trading posts .
  • powers Be the powers , no.
  • pots Fruit trees were trained up against the cottage, and pots of flowers stood in the windows.
  • pores They have mouths and stomachs all over them, in the form of tiny pores on their leaves, and hair-like tubes sticking out from their roots.
  • pokers He seemed to be sharing his punishment with Stephen, and they were marching, hand in hand, down a road lined with red-hot pokers .
  • poets It is a common remark that the very greatest poets are those about whose personal characteristics least is known.
  • porters Mrs. Morton had taken a cottage, and the porters said that they knew exactly where it was situated.
  • peers This, broadly speaking, meant the supremacy of the class which really controlled Parliament: of the aristocratic class, led by the peers but including the body of squires and landed gentlemen, and including also a growing infusion of 'moneyed' men, who represented the rising commercial and manufacturing interests.
  • pelts Magazine-pictures were tacked on all sides, while several large rare pelts were stretched out upon the walls.
  • posers The Posers were nearly washed away, and the old lady is sick and lonely and almost helpless.
  • puts Let us suppose the war puts ten years of experience and suffering, and what not, on to our lives.
  • pours He pours it into the budding life, which may thus respond to his own; but the procession of maidens drifts past him too.
  • pouts Sudden angry pouts that would change as quickly to the secret smiles of reverie, while she hummed a soft tune to herself, and rose on her toes, dancing a few steps.
  • PODS The odour of the bean-flower lingering on the air in the early summer is delicious; in autumn when cut the stalk and pods are nearly black, so that the shocks on the side of the hills show at a great distance.
  • PORTS Every variety of war-vessel in existence was on exhibition besides commercial and passenger boats from the great ports of the world.
  • DOERS My dear reader, may we not believe that this reasoning power was given to the dumb animal for the protection of the family against evil-doers?
  • pouters Our number was not, however, lessened by their desertion, for we received, at nearly the same time, from another friend, a pair of beautiful "pouters."
  • potters It is claimed that all of the women of I-kang'-a, whether married or single, are potters .
  • Potts Abrane, Potts , Mallard, and Sir Meeson Corby were personages during the town's excitement, besought for having something to say.
  • Peters Dr. Peters arose and advanced to meet them.
  • pests By exercising this precaution the disease will not be disseminated by flies and other insect pests .
  • coadjute
  • cobweblike
  • comehither
  • flat-hatting
  • in-forming
  • savvy*

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