What is the correct spelling for POICE?

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Correct spellings for POICE

  • ice See ice and bergmountain.
  • pace The Old Man, who was standing next to the Second Mate, took a pace towards him, and stopped and stared; but it was the Second who spoke.
  • pacer What a get-away for a fast pacer who has gone the pace!
  • peace Marjorie could hardly bear to leave her presents long enough to eat breakfast, and when after breakfast she left home for her Christmas call on the Stevens, she felt as though she must sing "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men," at the top of her voice as she walked.
  • pic Madame Binetti, whom I had last seen in London, arrived at Warsaw with her husband and Pic the dancer.
  • pie Well, did you git the pie ?
  • piece And when you 've done that,' said she, 'I have another piece of counsel to give; but first say will you take it?
  • pierce Although the heat of the sun was barely felt, its rays began to pierce our eyes with painful effects.
  • pious She was murmuring a word to two of the pious lady's thanks above her breath when Rodney joined her.
  • plaice On the twenty-third of February, however-it was a Friday, by the way, and boiled plaice would have to be eaten instead of rump steak-he was a little annoyed to find his seat already occupied by a small, brisk-looking man with a grey beard and spectacles, who, with a newspaper propped in front of him, was also engaged in the consumption of boiled plaice .
  • poe Speaking only, for the present, of those who have joined the majority, I would name two who seem to me to stand with Poe in the very front rank of original genius.
  • poi Te haba ka la poi tiap ha khymat ka iing jong u ka la phah plie ban wan kai.
  • poise The poise of his head, and his rapid, uneven steps, were symptoms the anxious father understood very well.
  • poised She looked at him with a characteristic quick turn of the head, her body poised as though for flight.
  • police And the police do interfere with some of them.
  • policy He allows nothing to stand in the way of his political policy .
  • ponce Ponce de Leon, a Spaniard, had floundered a few leagues from the sea in Florida searching for the fountain of youth.
  • pose "I won't pose ," he answered, "and you have got to listen to me.
  • poser This was a poser for the porter, who made a rather ineffectual apology for such a piece of assumption on the part of the Company.
  • posse Both the sheriff and his posse were creatures of the administrator.
  • pounce If you and Uncle Alec would only wait a moment and not be so ready both of you to pounce on me before I have finished what I was going to say, you might have understood that the suggestion was made partly because I appreciate your manners, partly because I have travelled a great deal and don't find your little foreign ways so irritating as your other relations did....
  • price 14,930. Do you ask to know the price ?
  • pricey
  • psi And the things that had happened in psychology, when psi -phenomena had become too obvious to be shrugged away.
  • puce The King's Advocate pulled out a puce -coloured bandanna, and waved it abroad preparatorily to blowing his nose.
  • pumice Then they lay on the sand ten yards from it, and took shots at it with bits of pumice -stone.
  • spice We went where a man alone was not in safe companionship, but there were enough who knew my companion well, and all was curious to me, without even the spice of care for self.
  • voice He knew-surely he knew-that voice !
  • PICS
  • PIS The young gentleman had recourse as a pis aller to his mamma.
  • PI'S
  • PIES
  • poises

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