What is the correct spelling for POLOAR?

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Correct spellings for POLOAR

  • collar A watch-dog, whose special duty was to remain at his post during the night, found that his collar was sufficiently loose to allow him to withdraw his head from it whenever he pleased.
  • color "I saw about it in a newspaper yesterday; I came up by the train last night, because-because-" here some slight color appeared in the pale, clear complexion-"because if an old friend is very ill one wishes to be near."
  • colour When I didn't wear 'em she pretended it was because I didn't like the colour , and she went and bought two more.
  • dollar If you pick up the dollar , what is yours is mine, you know.
  • dolor Nam et inclytam vestram Academiam haec nostra haud passibus aequis insequi conatur, et vester proinde dolor , aerumnae vestrae nobis vobiscum sunt communes.
  • dolour He wounded also King Lot so sorely in the shoulder that he left the field, and in great pain and dolour cried out to the other kings, "Do ye as I devise, or we shall be destroyed.
  • molar When the first permanent molar , which should appear in the upper arch in its usual position between the sixth or eighth years, does not, there has been a prenatal disturbance of the pituitary, according to Chayes and others.
  • pallor Under the leaping yellow flames it had the mask-like stillness and pallor of death.
  • parlor The servant who was waiting to let him out stepped forward and said that there was an old friend in the parlor who would like to speak to him.
  • parlour "It's his great parlour -trick.
  • pillar She took her letter to Cassandra with her, meaning to post it in the first pillar -box she came to.
  • play 7869. Who did not get fair-play?
  • plea That gentleman, however, refused to go out on the plea that should he be wounded, and become a patient of his brother practitioner, he should certainly go the way of the rest of those under his medical care.
  • plow Had a Dudley's hand ever touched the handle of a plow ?
  • ploy "After this gratifying intelligence had been given, which was received with the warmest acknowledgments, the whole party earnestly entreated William to consent to act his part in a notable ploy of Mr Macquils; which was, that, as his cousin was taking steps for entering into possession, and was to visit Elphinstone House the next day, he should make his first public appearance in the very heart of his proceedings.
  • pol In the same times was a Count of St. Pol , who held all the country, and was lord thereof, and a man much valiant.
  • polar The Boy Aviators' Polar Dash was a volume full of swift action and enterprise.
  • pole I get the same price for my fish from Mr. Pole as I would get from any other body.
  • polio The Benjamin Graham of Def Jam, yaw'll know My portfolio was sicker than Polio – 1 in the Morning by L.L. Cool J
  • polka
  • poll
  • pollard A number of gentlemen, more for the custom's sake than anything, sit in solemn conclave to decide whether or no an old pollard tree may be cut down, how much an old woman shall pay in quit-rent for her hovel, or whether there was or was not a gateway in a certain hedge seventy years ago.
  • polo If he doesn't break his neck at polo , he'll get on."
  • pool With that, bein' always a tender-hearted man, he knelt down and lifted her out o' the pool .
  • poor "My poor little bairnie!
  • poplar At the beginning of an avenue, about twenty paces from the gates, Yulia Sergeyevna was sitting under a broad, spreading poplar , waiting for her guests.
  • puller Then unto him untroubled made answer stout Diomedes: "Bow-puller, jiber, thy bow for thy glorying, spyer at virgins!
  • pulsar
  • solar The pattern shown by the chart of mental disturbance corresponded in a striking way with the solar chart but with this difference.
  • Polly "Polly, old 'ooman," said Mr. Toodle, "I don't know as I said it partickler along o' Rob, I'm sure.
  • PLO
  • POOLE "Some of the servants very likely," she answered; "perhaps Grace Poole ."
  • Palomar
  • paler
  • actioning

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