What is the correct spelling for PORPUS?

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Correct spellings for PORPUS

  • corps Je me sens si seul ce soir Tu es la pourtant dans mon lit, dans ma nuit Je f'rais mieux d'me coucher contre ton corps Au lieu d'rester la a fumer encore et encore – Toujours Quand Tu Dors by mano solo
  • corpus
  • opus
  • pipes I made it myself, except the pipes .
  • pompous And though now he was in this beautiful simplicity of gray, she looked in vain for some hint of martial stride or pompous chest.
  • porous I'm closer to him than a porous plaster.
  • porpoise "United States brig Porpoise ," repeated Jean Thompson.
  • purpose For, sir, the, sir, same, sir, purpose , sir.
  • purus Ucayla, first of all his mighty sons, From Cusco's walls a wearied journey runs; Pastaza mines proud Pambamarca's base, And holds thro sundering hills his lawless race; Aloft, where Cotopaxa flames on high, The roaring Napo quits his misty sky, Down the long steeps in whitening torrents driven, Like Nile descending from his fabled heaven; Mound after mound impetuous Tigris rends, Curved Ista folds whole countries in his bends; Vast Orinoco, summon'd forth to bring His far fetch'd honors to the sateless king, Drives on his own strong course to gain the shore, But sends Catuba here with half his store; Like a broad Bosphorus here Negro guides The gather'd mass of fifty furious tides; From his waste world, by nameless fountains fed, Wild Purus wears his long and lonely bed; O'er twelve degrees of earth Madera flows, And robs the south of half its treasured snows; Zingus, of equal length and heavier force, Rolls on, for months, the same continuous course To reach his master's bank; that here constrains Topayo, charged with all Brazilians rains; While inland seas, and lakes unknown to fame, Send their full tributes to the monarch stream; Who, swell'd with growing conquest, wheels abroad, Drains every land, and gathers all his flood; Then far from clime to clime majestic goes, Enlarging, widening, deepening as he flows; Like heaven's broad milky way he shines alone, Spreads o'er the globe its equatorial zone, Weighs the cleft continent, and pushes wide Its balanced mountains from each crumbling side.
  • props As it could not remain suspended in space without some support, they imagined it to be held in place by four immense props or pillars.
  • Pepys Detective-Inspector Pepys was a tall man of military bearing, bronzed, and wearing a slight beard, trimmed to a point.
  • Poppies They displayed their color in wreaths of scarlet poppies, pomegranate flowers and red roses, with crimson ribbands and dresses; white and green, the colors formerly adopted by the competitors, were abandoned; for all the heathen were unanimous in combining their forces against the common foe.
  • popes "We might try the Popes , next door," suggested the Commandant flinching.
  • pores Blood began to ooze from the pores .
  • PIPS The puzzle is to arrange them in the form of a cross, exactly in the way shown in the illustration, so that the pips in the vertical bar and in the horizontal bar add up alike.
  • POPS "'The man that means to pop, pops," said he; "one needn't go to sea-to pop.
  • PORTS It was an early scheme to run a line of steamers from San Francisco to the newly opened ports of China.
  • PRIUS Ille callidus dixit prius eum vivo flumine manus abluere debere.
  • PUPS "Look hyar, ye sick pups," he blurted.
  • PAPS This woman came to the young man and with that mother in her heart said to him, "Blessed is the womb that bear thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked."
  • PAPAS I've got to take charge of them-deliver them safe and sound to their papas-with care-this side up; and the first thing I find is that they've got eyes that will drive our young fellows wild, and one of them-the peep out of paradise one-knows it too.
  • PEEPS So it is with all the works of Mr. D'Israeli, who writes con amore; and not only with a profound knowledge of his subjects, but with a deep sympathy, which peeps forth at every line, for the literary men whose troubles or peculiarities he describes.
  • PEPS
  • poppas
  • poppers
  • co-exist This would eliminate the idea that either Ben or Peter was a clone, instead asserting that Ben was Peter from 5 years in the future, sent back by Mephisto to co-exist with the current Peter.
  • co-untried
  • cobblestoning
  • cobweblike
  • in-venting
  • intelligents
  • jadest

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