What is the correct spelling for POUSE?

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Correct spellings for POUSE

  • douse Skip out now; I'm going to douse the glim."
  • house Very often we had no money for the house , but we always got supplies from them.
  • louse 7. The following common words always form their plurals in an irregular way; as, man, men; ox, oxen; goose, geese; woman, women; foot, feet; mouse, mice; child, children; tooth, teeth; louse , lice.
  • mouse Of course Peter told Danny Meadow Mouse that he was welcome to spend the night in the Old Briar-patch, and thanked Danny for his warning as he bade him good-night.
  • parse She analyzed and parse d it, as she used to parse sentences years before in her first lessons in grammar.
  • passe Now let vs passe from these examples, to treate of those that concerne the comelinesse and decencie of mans behauiour.
  • pause "They were engaged this morning," she told him, after a pause .
  • pious "Is this the man," he thought, "whom I have regarded as the humble priest and confessor-the meekly-pious minister of our holy faith?
  • poesy And I no more on Earth shall see his face, Or hear his praise or censure of my songs, Nor yet will he most critically trace What of true poesy to them belongs.
  • poise Jacques dreaded only that the windigo might move and destroy the delicate poise of the boat; but she lay very still.
  • pose Let her return to Mesa, and he could no longer pose as O'Connor; and it was just the audacity of this double play that delighted him.
  • poser Where to find you was a poser .
  • posse "I suppose your posse will come back with the hold-ups in a few hours.
  • posy Many a time on market days Flora had gone singing through these woods, plucking a posy of wild flowers and finding a mirror in every pool, as young girls will; but now she trembled and was afraid.
  • puce "Oh, yes"-the puce velvet seemed to soften-"very pleased to see you, I'm sure!
  • purse "He thinks he can get over every difficulty by pulling out his purse .
  • pus Stretching out his neck, his great bowed body straining in an effort of attention, he looked at the wounds, the pus , the soiled bandages, the worn, thin face, and his own wooden visage laboured under the stress of all kinds of feelings.
  • pusey They were sufficient to awaken Newman and Pusey , Froude, Keble, and the rest.
  • puss But you're a dear, impulsive little puss ."
  • rouse This seemed to rouse her, for she gave him a grateful look, though she did not take his arm.
  • souse "Look, he is shamming," observed Ramani Babu; "drag him outside and souse him with water until he comes to."
  • spouse In the mean time, it is not the desire of the spouse to become beautiful in her own eyes, but to see only the beauty of her Lover.
  • Poss
  • Pius Once before, Pius had solicited him to form a ministry; but he had declined, because conscious that the affections of the populace were not with him, and he judged that the minds even of the better portion of the citizens were not yet prepared for a resolute attempt to carry on a constitutional government by firm measures.
  • pours end up wet up cuz when it rains it pours but usually cuz goes down over money and whores – When It Rains It Pours by maino
  • POOS

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