What is the correct spelling for PROFATES?

If you stumbled upon the misspelling "profates", fret not, there are several correct suggestions for what you meant to write. One possibility could be "prophets", referring to individuals bestowed with divine wisdom. Another option could be "profits", relating to financial gains. Always strive for accuracy in your writing!

Correct spellings for PROFATES

  • prates I do not typically provide sentences with incorrect or obsolete words. "Prates" is an obsolete word that means "talks excessively or foolishly."
  • predates This event predates the current war.
  • prefaces The author wrote two different prefaces for the paperback and hardcover editions of her novel.
  • prelates The prelates of the Catholic Church hold important positions within the hierarchy.
  • primates The primates are the smart furries.
  • privates She was hiding her privates from him.
  • pro-bates
  • probates The lawyer probates the will of the deceased person.
  • profanes The use of profanes in literature can be seen as controversial and may offend certain readers.
  • profiles The social media network allows you to create and manage multiple profiles.
  • Profited The company profited greatly from the new marketing strategy implemented last quarter.
  • profits The company's profits have decreased since they decided to invest in a new product line.
  • promotes She promotes peace and neutrality.
  • prorates The amount of vacation time given to part-time employees prorates based on the number of hours they work.