What is the correct spelling for PROFERING?

If you meant "proffering" but misspelled it as "profering", you're on the right track to conveying an act of offering or presenting. To correct your mistake, consider using "proffering" instead. This is a commonly accepted term and accurately conveys the intended meaning.

Correct spellings for PROFERING

  • Pilfering The company's inventory loss was due to the pilfering of office supplies by employees.
  • Preferring I am preferring to stay indoors and read a good book on a rainy day.
  • Procuring He was found guilty of procuring drugs for his friends.
  • Profaning The teenage boys were profaning the cemetery by spray painting vulgar words on the tombstones.
  • professing She was always professing her love for him, but he never took her seriously.
  • Proffering He approached the client, proffering his hand in greeting.
  • profiling The profiling of murder suspects is an important step in the investigation process.
  • Profiting The company saw increased profits and profiting from their new product line.