What is the correct spelling for PROFLING?

If you meant to type "profiling" but mistakenly wrote "profling", fear not! The correct suggestion for the misspelling is indeed "profiling". This term refers to the process of analyzing and categorizing individuals based on their behavior, characteristics or demographics. Remember to verify your spelling and always strive for accuracy in communication.

Correct spellings for PROFLING

  • Paroling The board is considering paroling him early, but it depends on his behavior while in prison.
  • piffling I'm not sure why you keep saying that thing is piffling, it's not even that impressive.
  • Profaning The man was severely punished for profaning the sacred temple.
  • profiling Investigators were profiling the suspect's behavior in order to better understand the motive behind the crime.
  • Profiting Many large corporations are accused of profiting off of the exploitation of low-wage workers.
  • proofing Proofing is an essential part of the writing process to ensure accuracy and credibility.
  • Proving He was determined to succeed, proving to everyone that he was capable of great things.
  • Prowling The cat was prowling through the dark alley, searching for its prey.
  • rifling The rifle's rifling imparts a spin to the projectile that makes it flightpath more accurate.