What is the correct spelling for PRSURE?

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Correct spellings for PRSURE

  • erasure Maxwell had come with nerves steeled to bear the rejection of his article entire, but he was not prepared to suffer the erasure of all his pet phrases and favorite sentences, sometimes running to entire paragraphs.
  • peruse The efforts of the critic may be necessary to clip the wings of a presuming author, lest his rising vanity becomes insupportable: but I pity the man, who writes a book which none will peruse a second time; critical exertions are not necessary to pull him down, he will fall of himself.
  • pleasure My breakfast pleasure therefore was still assured for many days to come.
  • prairie He was a tall man, bronzed and somewhat lean, as most of the inhabitants of the prairie seemed to be, and the state of his attire was not calculated to impress a stranger in his favor.
  • praise And then he smiled to himself, remembering all that the Danforths had said in this fair widow's praise .
  • prepare That's a thing there's no harm for girls to think of, because it's what they've got to prepare themselves for."
  • presage Thus she left him without so much as a backward glance to presage future favour.
  • preserve If we wish to preserve the soil, we must preserve the natural growth on the hillsides.
  • preside William Hawkes preside over it.
  • pressure Putting himself in the sinner's place, Dale could realize the pressure that drove him to his sin.
  • presume 6662. The goods supplied to them, I presume , are mostly soft goods?
  • price 6134. Did you not ask the price of the meal you had got?
  • priory In that direction lay The Priory , with its thick yew hedge and its shut-in appearance.
  • prize You have drawn a prize , sir.
  • procure He would not bring me any meal and therefore I resolved that, whatever might happen to me whether I should be put out or not, I would sell my animal and procure a living for my house; and I did so.
  • procurer As I have often said, Talleyrand is much obliged to any foreign diplomatic agent who allows him to be the indirect provider or procurer of his mistresses.
  • prose Some odd twist in his brain made it impossible for him to express himself in prose .
  • prosper The enterprise, however, did not prosper ; times changed, and wheat was not so profitable.
  • treasure Said the other: "Where the treasure is, there will the heart be also."
  • Presser Radetzky was a presser in the city ten years.
  • priors Well, our Captain and Priors put the Peace of the City upon Messer Simone dei Bardi, that was on one side of the quarrel, and on Messer Dante dei Alighieri, that was on the other side of the quarrel.
  • pressured He has been pressured into it by this Native Welfare government-within-the-Government.
  • pressures But the frequent hand pressures silently spoke.
  • PRIUS Having helped her up, he entered himself, growling a few oaths against the coachman for his impertinent interruption; and the lawyer comforted him by saying, that if he had suffered a nisi prius through the obstinacy of the defendant, he might have an opportunity to join issue at the next stage.
  • prosier
  • priers
  • presort
  • conductances
  • conspicuousnesses
  • dronier

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