What is the correct spelling for PUEDO?

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Correct spellings for PUEDO

  • hued As he sat at the keyboard he could see the top of her shining head just above the delicate-hued cushions which supported it.
  • judo The teacher, however, snared the cadet in a neo-judo hold that no neophyte, however skilled or strong could break.
  • ludo I was only a little fellow when we lived there, and merely tolerated in the "big boys'" sports, but it was a festival when, with Ludo , I could carry their provisions for them or even help them make fireworks.
  • pad I heard footsteps pad on the back porch, and my head tried to turn in spite of myself.
  • paid Are they paid for at all?
  • pd The books of St. Martin's, Leicester, state: "1560. Pd .
  • peat Then it's very early to bed in Strathaivron; and I've got a room that looks both ways-across the strath and down; and sometimes there is moonlight making the windows blue; or if there isn't, you can lie and look at the soft red light thrown out by the peat , until the silence is too much for you, and you are asleep before you have had time to think of it.
  • pert As she turned out of Sheridan Lane, she once more heard the light, pure tones of Lily's voice, but now they sounded a little gayer, a little warmer and sweeter than they had before, and what was more, instead of the monotonous scales, Lily was singing a pert song, which mamma, had she heard it, would probably not have thought elegant at all.
  • peso A wild fowl sells for half a peso .
  • pet But Mr Horne is so enamoured "with the old familiar faces" of pet cockneyisms, that he must have his will of them.
  • pied One by one, the men were awakened with all the secrecy enjoined in the order; the horses were saddled in silence; and a troop of thirty cuirassiers, armed cap-a-pied, ready to mount, stood in the courtyard, just as the first streak of grey light-denoting the approach of dawn- became visible above the eastern horizon.
  • pod The pod s contain a great number of seeds which are eaten by the natives, and also by many birds; and, from the circumstance of my having found one pod half-eaten by a bird on a rock, the very apex of a lofty summit, the solitary locality of this tree may, perhaps, be considered at least partly owing to its seeds being the favourite food of some birds inhabiting such places, each seed probably requiring to be picked out of the thick shell, in order that it may grow.
  • poet How do you, as a poet , account for that, Mr. Denham?"
  • pseudo They had admired the man for looking his part so boldly; for showing the undisguised blackguard in every line of his coarse body and cruel face; the pseudo -gentleman of Lillo's picture was a poor thing compared to the real Vard.
  • purdah I've got disguises ready for you-a pugree for you, Mr. McClean, and a purdah for your daughter-you'll travel as a Hindoo merchant and his wife.
  • put That may put her to trouble.
  • putt Now," added the young man, rising and lighting a piece of tinder at the torch on the wall, "it's about time that we should putt it to the test.
  • redo There were telephones to answer, obituaries to write, wire stories to redo , and a multitude of little writing jobs which kept her chained to a desk.
  • Rued After a while you came and said that you rued your compact; that you discovered your feelings for me went further; that mere friendship, as you phrased it, would not suffice-" "I told you, rather," broke he in, "that I wished to put that feeling to the last test, by linking your fortune with my own forever."
  • Pedro I'll not try to tell you just who Dom Pedro was, and how he came to be, because I don't know.
  • PTO
  • Puked He raked his throat rudely, puked phlegm on the floor.
  • Puled
  • Sued
  • Pete I remember telling joey, god, you`re sweet!` Or was it pete?... Well, anyhow. I wonder why i feel so incomplete. – Colored Lights by Unknown Author
  • PMED
  • CUED
  • PUDS Well, but thou art a dashing fine fellow, a fine fellow; thou canst still lift ten puds in one hand as of yore, I suppose?
  • PURDUE He was educated at Exeter Academy, at Purdue University, and at Princeton.
  • coldshoulders

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