What is the correct spelling for PUM?

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Correct spellings for PUM

  • bum He knows as much of the commands as a Bowery Bum knows about publishing a Chinese newspaper.
  • gum He stood perfectly motionless for some minutes, gazing across the gum thickets before him.
  • hum So I told him I could do it in one day, an that although I was very anxus to get hum , yet I'd fix this up before I started.
  • mum "Keep mum about it," said Chub, "and we'll get to the bottom of it yet."
  • plum Yes, Miss Ross, those are your favourite scones, and Hannah is baking some more; there's plum preserve and lemon marmalade and home-made seed-cake.
  • pom Our pom -pom had long since been silenced by the enemy, and thirty of my burghers had been put out of the fight.
  • pu His own soul is written into the legend of "Pu the potter."
  • pub Close by there, convenient pub , sir-stands back a bit from the road.
  • pug The pug -dogged look of aggressive impudence faded from Carnaby's face, giving way to an expression of foolish discomfiture.
  • puma This entire absence of fear in the puma is the same as exhibited by the tame house cat.
  • pump And, in order to give you the pleasure of seeing this, I suppose you would like an air-pump?
  • pun He thought the pun on sea-sick was awfully funny, and would laugh uproariously.
  • pup Maybe it was that bull pup I forgot to buy.
  • pus Ninety-nine simple wounds out of a hundred dressed in this way will heal promptly and safely without danger of pus , or "matter."
  • put 3212. It is just put up as the people ask for it?
  • rum "The fact is," explained Rupert, "we're a rum lot.
  • sum To sum up briefly.
  • tum "Yes, tum back to-morrow," cried the other little ones.
  • Fum "Fum Mr. Tilletts, marm," said the servant, extending a note.
  • Pam I'm a married man, lidy, with a fam'ly of children-" "Pam, Pam ," cried Mrs Trevor's voice, "don't stand out there, darling.
  • UM You find um my son.
  • PPM The temperature coefficient is expressed in parts per million (ppm) per degree Celsius for class 1 ceramic capacitors or in % over the total temperature range for all others.
  • YUM 1989: EACGI [European Association of the Chewing Gum Industry] (Belgium) established 1992: Fleer acquired by Marvel Entertainment(comics publisher) 1993: Cadbury (UK) buys its first chewing gum business with the acquisition of Stani (Argentina) 1995: Fleer shuts down its Philadelphia plant and moves its corporate office to suburban Mount Laurel, New Jersey 1996: Topps (US) closes its bubble gum factories in Duryea, Pennsylvania (US) and Innishmore (Ireland) and out-sources its Bazooka bubble gum production to Hersheys (US) 1996: The Hershey Company (US) acquires Leafs gum brands: Rain-Blo and Super Bubble 1997: Huhtamäki (Finland) acquires the gum business of the Wuxi Leaf joint-venture in China 1998: Huhtamäki (Finland) divests the Leaf (Spain) gum business to Damel 1998: Concord Confections buys Dubble Bubble from Marvel Entertainment and moves operations to suburban Toronto 1999: Zed Gum (Ireland) is established 1999: CSM (Netherlands) buys the Leaf Europe candy and gum business from Huhtamäki (Finland) for €390 million 2000: Cadbury (UK) buys Krafts "Hollywood" chewing gum business in France for €185 million 2000: The Hershey Company (US) buys Fruit Stripe and Bubble Yum gum brands and mints from Nabisco (US) 2000: Cadbury (UK) buys the small Wuxi Leaf gum business in China from Huhtamäki (Finland) for only €3 million 2000: Concord Confections partners with Wal-Mart and Childrens Miracle Network to conduct a national bubble-blowing contest across America for children 12 and under(conducted annually until 2006) 2001: Perfetti (Italy) merges with Van Melle (Netherlands) 2002: Cadbury (UK) buys a 51% stake in the gum and candy business of Kent Gida (Turkey) for €110 million 2002: Zed Gum (Ireland) acquires Leaf (Ireland) from CSM and changes name to Zed Candy 2002: Cadbury (UK) buys Dandys gum brands, mainly in Scandinavia & Russia for €310 million 2003: The Hershey Company (US) sells Fruit Stripe, Rain-Blo and Super Bubble gum brands to Farley & Sathers Candy Co. Bite it you scum, oh yum Bite it you scum – Bite It You Scum by G.g Allin
  • PYM Through the trap-door Arthur Pym reached his hiding-place, which was a huge wooden chest with a sliding side to it.

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