What is the correct spelling for PURCASHE?

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Correct spellings for PURCASHE

  • cache But there they were in the Cache when we got back."
  • cash Lock up your cash in places howe'er strong, You lose it when the right thief comes along.
  • cashew Here, also, the cashew tree grows to great perfection.
  • cashier He hasn't a friend in the bank, not even the cashier .
  • cosh He was a kind of leader of the buccaneers, and by all accounts no miscreant like Cosh , but a mirthful fellow, striking hard when need be, but at other times merciful and jovial.
  • gash Gash the flesh and insert a thin slice of salt pork under the skin.
  • gauche If it should fork, take the direction of the La Ferte Gauche .
  • gouache It was a little gold pin, some two inches long, the head beaten out and twisted into the shape of the letter C. Gouache examined it attentively, and saw that it must have been long used, for it was slightly bent in more than one place as though it had often been thrust through some thick material.
  • gusher Why, they might have cost us thousands-yes, hundreds of thousands-if it had been the kind of a gusher we figgered on!
  • panache All that's part of the panache .
  • parish His reverence says he will be a good help in the parish .
  • parrish The late John Parrish , of Philadelphia, another highly respected Minister of the Society of Friends, who traversed the South, on a similar mission, in 1804 and 5, says in his "Remarks on the slavery of Blacks;" "They allow them but one peck of meal, for a whole week, in some of the Southern states."
  • pasha I will purchase thy release from the Pasha .
  • peachy "This here'll show what's in his hand," said "Peachy," when the moment for prayer arrived.
  • peckish Sunday-after a sermon-one naturally feels a bit peckish .
  • penuche And I've baked cookies, too, and whipped up a batch of penuche .
  • percale The heartless mother and unfeeling father, touched by some small feeling of solicitude, had covered the baby's long clothes entirely with a large piece of coarse white percale , leaving exposed only a part of the little suffering, weeping face.
  • perish Why, it is impossible that, after having passed over such roads and gone through so many terrible dangers, we should perish upon this the last journey.
  • perisher Wot do I care about the perisher along of you?"
  • pica Here is the round-hand," he went on, taking up an unused pica type.
  • picasso The greatest of them, Picasso , invented Cubism.
  • piggish His leathery face gets more and more deeply wrinkled, his broken angular back bends into sharper angles and corners, his pointed elbows dig beds for themselves in the oak table, his skinny fingers bury themselves in his cheeks, his piggish grey eyes get redder over manuscripts, Latin, Greek, or mediaeval.
  • plash Better I should tell you of my pleasant little bedroom here, opening on a small garden, with a tiny fountain trying to sprinkle the wild myrtle and blush-roses around it, and sportively sending its little plash over me, as the wind wafts it into my chamber.
  • poacher So is the porcupine that rolled down a long hill for the fun of the thing apparently-an observation that has been twice confirmed, once by a New Brunswick poacher and again by a Harvard instructor.
  • potash She was not across the passage into their bedroom before his mind had sprung back to potash .
  • preach So do they reason and preach .
  • preacher I'll send for the preacher and the license in the morning and have him marry you and Jim right here.
  • psyche She had developed a mental block that her mind was using to shield her psyche from the horror of that evening.
  • puck The next try-at-goal was by Hammond, and although it looked as though the puck entered the cage and bounded out the goal was not allowed.
  • puckish A little, puckish old man stood in the room, danced lightly on his feet, skipped in the air, twirled before Captain Rames's astonished eyes and finally struck an inviting attitude, both arms extended and one foot advanced, like the pictures of the quack doctors in the newspaper advertisements.
  • puncher A puncher put him wise to what was in the wind, and he sold out cheap to a tenderfoot and pulled his freight.
  • punish Florence looked at her husband, and Alison fancied that she had noticed and meant to punish him for his smile.
  • pusher So we opened the sloot business with a ride in one of those heavy weight 'lectric hansoms, telling the throttle pusher to shove her wide open.
  • pushy I just wanted you to know you're a pushy woman, that's all.
  • quash I know you didn't, but you implied it, and I want to quash any such suggestion at once.
  • quiche El Quiche : 1 mi.
  • turkish We call it Ismir, Turkish place.
  • preachy Although they wore clerical garb they were not in the least "preachy."
  • Punchy The wind would almost tear the roof off, and Punchy howled-he thought he was dying, too, maybe.
  • parkas As nothing was coming out at the instant, I kept on, and on the way back to the boat-berth hatch, I pulled down as many parkas and pairs of overpants as I could carry, squeezing past Tom, who was collecting fleece-lined hip boots.
  • purges Vomits of white hellebore or antimony, and purges of black hellebore or aloes, are prescribed.
  • PARC Leggo declares that it took him less than fifteen minutes to reach the farm, find the lantern, and return with it to the lower gate of Parc Coppa; also that he used his best speed because the dusk was gathering.
  • pucks A tradesman's boy-one of those town Pucks of the highway; one of those incarnations of precocious cunning, inveterate mischief, and impudent humour, which great cities only can produce-was approaching me with his empty tray under his arm.
  • pushier

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