What is the correct spelling for PURTRAY?

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Correct spellings for PURTRAY

  • paltry It is when I ponder upon that scene that I realize what our friendship has become, that I realize how paltry every other familiar or even relative appears by comparison.
  • pantry They swarmed upon the pantry shelves and in their eagerness spilled a pitcher of cream which ran all over the French dolly's dress.
  • parry But not all of us, as I said before, have this ready gift of parry and thrust that distinguishes my friend Frisbee.
  • party No use; we shall have to give a party ."
  • pastry Do you know the proverb-"A lawyer who talks to himself is like a pastry cook who eats his own wares,"-eh, sir?
  • perry With this reply, Perry hurried back to the cottage.
  • poetry I care as much for poetry as ever, and could not more.
  • portrait There, standing on the dressing table in a little frame, was the unconscious portrait of Edward Springrove.
  • portray In a word, Shakspere's method is to depict a human soul in action, with all the pertinent play of circumstance, while Browning's is to portray the processes of its mental and spiritual development: as he said in his dedicatory preface to "Sordello," "little else is worth study."
  • pottery Deep down under the ground he found the remains of beautiful buildings, some pottery , household utensils, weapons, and a great deal of gold, silver, brass, and bronze.
  • poultry They purchased bread, poultry , eggs, and butter of a near-by farmer, and opened a jar of marmalade for Jesse, to console him for the lack of buffalo.
  • pray "Don't-pray don't speak to me.
  • purdah When India's women finally break purdah and enter politics openly, we shall see more cruelty and savagery, for that reason, than either the French or Russian terrors had to show.
  • purity Adam was created holy and pure but when he sinned, he lost that purity .
  • purr To the amusement of her owner and the customers, she would jump on Mr. Saltus' shoulders as soon as he appeared, and, wrapping herself about his neck like a scarf, would purr loudly.
  • putrefy If an organic substance is exposed in the open air to the action of the sun and rain, it will in time putrefy , or be dissolved into its component elements, consisting usually of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon.
  • putrid As soon as we had unsaddled the horses, we went to the tree and dug up the bottle into which, as agreed upon, Mr. Browne had put a letter; informing me that he had been most reluctantly obliged to retreat; the water at the Depot having turned putrid , and seriously disagreed with the men; he said that he should fall back on the old Depot along the same line on which we had advanced, and expressed his fears that the water in Strzelecki's Creek would have dried, on the permanence of which he knew our safety depended.
  • putty But that gentleman was glancing lazily out at the window, and his face was as expressionless as putty .
  • stray "Well, don't pick up any stray dogs or cats," warned her mother.
  • tray So saying, he gave a kick with his foot and knocked over the tray of glass, which fell over to the ground, and all that was in it was broken.
  • Tartary The famous barrier on the borders of Tartary , and the ramparts of all the cities in the country, are built in the same manner.
  • Purred And it does bring that," she purred, sibilantly.
  • Petra "It is waiting for the caravan from Petra ," he said.
  • portrays But beside that evil, beside the downfall of the families it attacks, M. Zola portrays the triumph of rectitude, the triumph which follows faith in the powers of life, and observance of the law of universal labor.
  • purer No one ever loved their kindred or friends with a warmer or a purer love than I ever loved mine.
  • partway Clanton was one of a group of players that Indians player-manager Tris Speaker sent in partway through the game on September 21, 1922 done as an opportunity for fans to see various minor league prospects.

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