What is the correct spelling for PUTRE?

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Correct spellings for PUTRE

  • future Give me the right to claim you before all the world as my future wife! When you fall, say goodbye to the future When you fall, you let your karma burn, yeah When you fall, a freak of mother nature You never learn – When You Fall by Glenn Hughes
  • litre 73 milligrams per litre , slightly over Botswanas ideal concentration which means the water is hard.
  • metre As they rattled and bounced over the cobble-stones in a taxi-metre on the way to the Place Vendome, he devoted the whole of his conversation to the delicious breakfast they were to have, expatiating glibly on the wonderful berries that would come first in that always-to-be-remembered meal.
  • mitre It was a tremendous moment when the immense mass of clergy had sung a hymn around the altar in the square, and the Bishop took off his mitre and knelt upon the rushes before the Sacrament.
  • nitre We find men taking much soap and nitre , when convinced of sin, or charged with it, and thereupon soon absolving themselves.
  • outre Now that her household had lost their terrors for her, she began to enjoy the sensation of being a Queen and inspiring reverence and awe wherever she went, though she could have wished to be the ruler of a Kingdom that was not quite so outre as Maerchenland.
  • padre What do you want of Padre Francisco?
  • pare Take them and stone them, and weigh them, and to every Pound of Apricocks take a Pound of fine Sugar beaten small, then pare your Fruit, and as you pare them, cast some Sugar over them, and so do till all be done, then set them on the fire, and let the Sugar melt but gently, then boil them a little in the Syrup, and set them by till the next day, then boil them quick, and till they be very clear, then put them in Pots, and boil the Syrup a little more, and put it to them, if you would have them in Jelly, you must put some of the Infusion of Goosberries, or of Pippins into your Syrup, and add more Sugar to it.
  • pate There was none employed here, and, sitting down to the little writing table which was pointed out to him, he made out the instructions in long hand, while Mr. Fox polished away at his already glistening pate , still working at that blandly interesting secret problem.
  • peter The doctor looked at George, at his mother, long at Peter .
  • petrel It's the United States gunboat Petrel , and he's demanding who and what.
  • poetry That poetry of mine must have lifted him right off from his feet.
  • pore Ye'll be ready for your own breakfast, though you wouldn't give pore Blackbird a bit.
  • pouter If the most strongly marked sub-race be taken, namely, the Improved English Pouter , this is perhaps the most distinct of all domesticated pigeons.
  • pure Must be pure fancy on her part-gratitude.
  • puree Mash the fruit and press it through a colander or coarse sieve; sweeten to taste; serve hot or cold; if hot, let it come to the boiling-point and thicken with arrowroot, using one teaspoonful to a cupful of puree .
  • purr Lorraine hugged the cat so violently that she choked off a purr in the middle.
  • put I put it on her myself.
  • putrefy Observation also shows, in cases where death has been produced by these poisons, that the parts of the body with which the poisonous substances have been brought into contact, do not afterwards putrefy .
  • putrid The water in the pool looks quite putrid , and when the wind comes from this quarter no wonder it is laden with fever germs and mephitic vapours.
  • putt Mr. Sabin, with a long and deadly putt -became four up and three to play.
  • puttee A soldier lay on his back with his rifle beside him, his left foot merely held on by his puttee .
  • putter I had intended all along to give her a small pension to keep her from want and allow her to putter around, but her irrational accusations and insults only showed her to be the kind from whom no gratitude could be expected.
  • putterer
  • putty
  • pyre
  • suture
  • Pedro Pedro told us they were Muras Indians.
  • putz
  • Putin On 11 December 2017, the leader of Civic Platform Rifat Shaykhutdinov also said that his party will support current president Vladimir Putin in the Russian presidential election, 2018.
  • Purred Lady Caroline purred a gentle approval.
  • Petra * Znamenski, "Prikhodskoe Dukhovenstvo v Rossii so vremeni reformy Petra ," Kazan, 1873.
  • Pete Get along witcher upstairs and take the advice of Doctor Pete Connegan-get out amongst them kids more."
  • puts He puts it on carefully, feeling almost as if it were Sunday already.
  • putts
  • purer The air of heaven is not purer in its wanderings-its sunshine not more holy in its warmth.
  • putted

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