What is the correct spelling for PYSCIAN?

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Correct spellings for PYSCIAN

  • pacing He stopped in his quick pacing of the little room and stared at her.
  • paean The right wing of the Athenians and Carystians, who had been placed at the end of the line, received and with some difficulty repulsed the Corinthians, who thereupon retreated to a wall upon the rising ground behind, and throwing down the stones upon them, came on again singing the paean, and being received by the Athenians, were again engaged at close quarters.
  • pain I love him so well that I'd hate to give him a moment's pain.
  • parson What if the parson should drop the child?
  • passing I've noticed you passing the house every day."
  • passion "How different with a passion like mine!
  • patina Wrecking Ball, Commercial Street Salmon streaks of pulverized brick, white pigment, tar, nicked and scarred in every direction, patina of blows on a mute obdurate interior.
  • pecan After parting from Pecan Creek, with their faces set westward, they had a journey before them anything but easy or pleasant.
  • pepsin Once in the stomach, chewed food has to be churned in order to mix it with hydrochloric acid, pepsin, and other digestive enzymes.
  • permian We know that just as surely as the Alps of today are founding by their muddy torrents ranges yet to arise, so other primeval Alps fed into the ocean the materials of these buried pre-Permian rocks.
  • persian Alix, at her early bath, heard quail calling, and looked out to see the last of the fog vanishing at eight o'clock, and to get a wet rush of fragrance from the Persian lilac, blooming this year for the first time.
  • person "Oh, yes," said Mrs. Latouche, "she is just the person.
  • persona Then to feel alive it must be conscious, and to be conscious it must have something to be conscious of; therefore the contemplation of itself as standing related to something which is not its own originating self in propria persona is a necessity of the case; and consequently the Self-contemplation of Spirit can only proceed by its viewing itself as related to something standing out from itself, just as we must stand at a proper distance to see a picture-in fact the very word "existence" means "standing out."
  • piano The piano, too, had been her mother's.
  • piercing Some day-" He was interrupted by a piercing scream from the depth of the forest.
  • pissing
  • plain Dey's Allen on de hillside, An' Marfy in de plain; Fu' Christmas was like springtime, An' come wid sun an' rain. – A Christmas Folksong by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • plan From my own nature all the natural man-- This was my sole resource, my only plan : – Dejection: An Ode by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • poison and still they distribute the poison it kills the creative voices – Proof of Destruction by Trevor Hall
  • porcine
  • posing
  • posting I think all that's left are the Machine and Central Audit Bureau-which is nothing but a giant posting machine.
  • poussin He differed from Poussin in making his pictures depend more strictly upon landscape than upon figures.
  • pricing
  • psi
  • psyche
  • psycho
  • puccini He might have sung at the Metropolitan year after year without ceasing if Miss Geraldine Farrar had not taken an instantaneous dislike to him at sight-and had he but possessed a flamboyant temperament and an elementary knowledge of Puccini.
  • pursuing
  • pusan
  • scion
  • sign
  • sin
  • spain
  • span
  • spin
  • xian The same Marxian Socialists are accused of cursing the Capitalists inordinately; but the truth is that they let the Capitalists off much too easily.
  • Parsing
  • Pasting
  • Pausing
  • Piecing
  • Placing
  • Poising
  • Sean
  • Pursing
  • San
  • psyching
  • contesse