What is the correct spelling for PYSHED?

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Correct spellings for PYSHED

  • bushed
  • cashed
  • dashed I exclaimed, "he will be dashed to pieces!"
  • dished As soon as I have dished it I will go to seek Alexander-there is nothing to prevent me-for it was with him that she left the house."
  • gashed His head 'n' neck 'n' shoulders was covered with half-healed wounds where he'd been gashed 'n' tore by th' other's horns 'n' hoofs; 'n' somehow in the fight both his eyes 'd got put out!
  • hushed I asked in a voice instinctively hushed .
  • meshed All we can do, we who are older and wiser, is wistfully to overlook the wobble where the meshed perfection of youth has been bruised and abused and loosened, tighten up the bearings, and keep as blithely as we can to the worn old road.
  • parched How cooling to parched lips the cool fluid bubbling from its spring or fountain!
  • patched I'll have to go as soon as I'm sufficiently patched up."
  • perched The abode for the day is a small cabin, made of bamboos and straw, in the same style as most Indian huts; the one for the night is smaller, and perched upon great posts, or on the top of a tree, about sixty or eighty feet above the ground.
  • pied They will be a little more advanced than in the Nursery School, and will be of the type of the Pied Piper illustrated, or pictures of children of other lands and times.
  • pitched It seems that not even a single pitched battle was fought.
  • poached Have ready six baked or poached eggs, and six rounds of hot buttered toast; spread the tomato mixture on the toast, cover with the eggs, and serve quickly.
  • polished Miss Tibbutt took off her spectacles, and polished them slowly.
  • posed Will posed to give Ralph, bat in hand, a royal "last one."
  • posh
  • potsherd Fold it together, wet it nicely with cold water-there is some in that miserable potsherd there-and now I will show you how to lay it on the child's throat.
  • pouched
  • pseud 6. By Peter Henry Morland, pseud .
  • punished
  • push
  • pusher At worst they called her The Pusher ; but to them no more than to herself had it ever occurred that she was pushing the air, and pushing it in a wrong direction.
  • rushed
  • shad
  • shed
  • shod
  • washed
  • Fished
  • Gushed Then Miss Levey herself came in as if by accident, and gushed out into apologies.
  • Hashed I wouldn't mind hashed mutton and baked potatoes for myself, but I shouldn't like to see you eating them, dearest, after all the luxuries to which you have been accustomed.
  • Lashed This done, the agent's hands were lashed fast with a rope.
  • Mashed
  • Passed
  • Perished
  • Shied
  • Wished
  • Bashed
  • Mushed
  • Pushed
  • pushes
  • psyched
  • plashed The gray day plashed slowly toward nightfall.
  • she'd Aye, but if she was a bhoy shure there's no tellin' what divilmint she'd get into; so maybe it's just as well.
  • payed
  • colligates
  • head-liners

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