What is the correct spelling for QC?

If you have mistakenly typed "qc" instead of the word you intended, here are a few possible corrections: "car", "cue", "quick", "quack" or "quiche". It's important to proofread your work to avoid such errors or use spell-check tools to catch and correct any mistakes.

Correct spellings for QC

  • ac The AC is on.
  • BC BC stands for Before Christ in the Western calendar.
  • C I need to study hard to get an A, not just a C.
  • cc I always cc my supervisor in important emails.
  • DC The DC Comics logo is featured prominently in the background.
  • ec
  • kc
  • LC You can always find the current exchange rate on the LC website.
  • mc
  • nc
  • pc I prefer playing games on PC rather than on a console.
  • Q
  • QB The QB threw a perfect spiral to his receiver for a touchdown.
  • QC The quality control (QC) team inspected the product thoroughly before releasing it into the market.
  • QM
  • QR I scanned the QR code with my phone and got the link to the website.
  • QT I need to go to the store and grab a QT of milk.
  • sc
  • tc