What is the correct spelling for QUAITE?

If you meant to type "quaite" but misspelled it, there are a few possible correct suggestions. The word "quite" could be what you intended to write. "Quiet" is another option, depending on the context. Double-check the intended meaning and choose the appropriate correction to convey your message accurately.

Correct spellings for QUAITE

  • equate I cannot equate your incompetence with an ability to think logically.
  • quailed She quailed when she saw the snake slither towards her.
  • quaint The quaint little town was a pleasant surprise.
  • quainter I don't like the idea of a more quainter world.
  • quality We always strive for the highest quality in our products and services.
  • quart I need a quart of milk to make the cake.
  • quarter I usually stop at the deli to get a quarter ounce of sub.
  • quartet The quartet practiced in the music room throughout the afternoon.
  • quarto In Latin, quarto means "quarter.
  • quit
  • quite I'm quite alright, thank you.
  • quito Quito is known for its well-preserved colonial center and vibrant culture.
  • quits After months of putting up with her boss's unreasonable demands, she decided to call it quits and resign from her job.
  • quoit A quoit is a round, wooden disk that is thrown with a net and used for catching birds.
  • quoited
  • quote She said, 'I quote, 'life is short.
  • uate