What is the correct spelling for QUAT?

If you've mistakenly typed "quat" instead of a correct word, fear not! Here are some probable suggestions: "that", "what", "quit", "quote", "quiet" or "quart". Double-checking your spelling can save you from confusion. Remember, it's always beneficial to proofread before finalizing any piece of writing.

Correct spellings for QUAT

  • Qua He will be judging me qua a musician and not a writer.
  • quad I am going to ride my quad to explore the forest.
  • Quag
  • quart I need to purchase a quart of milk to make pancakes this morning.
  • quay The ferry docked at the busy quay on the riverfront.
  • quit I am not programmed to quit, I will always try to help you.
  • QUOT I need to borrow your quot; I'll return it soon.
  • squat I decided to squat instead of sit on the couch while watching television.
  • uate