What is the correct spelling for QUILOT?

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Correct spellings for QUILOT

  • built Such as the man makes it, so must he wear it, and the length and richness of his heavenly state depend on the kind of mental body he has built during his life on earth.
  • clot There are four mechanisms by which poor blood flow occurs: a blood clot from elsewhere getting lodged in an artery, a new blood clot forming in an artery, a blood clot forming in the superior mesenteric vein, and insufficient blood flow due to low blood pressure or spasms of arteries.
  • colt Father sold the white colt.
  • cult New Thought Difficult to Define; "An Attitude of Mind, Not a Cult" New Thought has never had an apostolic succession or a rigid discipline or a centralized organic form.
  • gilt When Shaughnessy sprung it on the bunch I came near dyin' prematoorly on the spot by wantin' to jump out from behind the sideboard and tellin' Shaughnessy he was a gilt-edged dandy; which he is, if he ain't got no soul.
  • guild I am a life member of the Episcopal Election Guild and I must allow myself to be guided to some extent by the decision of the committee."
  • guilt She went to that last home with a blest and unblighted name; for her guilt was unknown, and her virtues are yet recorded in the memories of the Poor.
  • guilty Among those persons was the guilty one."
  • gullet "Loosen that towel only a little and hold your clutch on his gullet, bo!
  • jilt He had called her a jilt to her face, and she had been able to receive the accusation with a smile.
  • jolt The two cars came together with a fearful jolt.
  • kilt Fer he's kilt the gurrl an' the boy, an' I'll bet money on it, I dunno.
  • lot "I'm going to do a lot better by you than that.
  • pilot We were amused by the way in which our pilot, who was a great fisherman, caught them.
  • quail Her face was very pale, but perfectly still, and her eyes did not quail.
  • quality But I would also have read-especially in France, where letters are still being written that have the quality of literature-a letter of this frontiersman.
  • quiet No, keep quiet; it's done now.
  • quill Mike the Angel called the bridge and informed Captain Quill that the ship was ready for full acceleration.
  • quilt He gathered up her little personal belongings from the dressing-table and flung them on the quilt, following them with armfuls of clothes hastily swept from shelves.
  • quilted As he described the massacre, and the manner in which he had rescued the yellow-haired lassie, his mother drew the little one into her arms and cried over her from sympathy and excitement; and the child wiped her eyes with her own quilted sunbonnet.
  • quint "I now believe," said Quint, trembling with rage, "that you have criminally substituted a batch of common Plexippus eggs for the Silver Moon eggs I had in my breeding-cage! I believe you are sufficiently abandoned to do it!"
  • quirt He cut up Ollie Mae's old high top red shoes and made the prettiest little red quirt you ever saw.
  • quit We went to work before daylight and quit after dark.
  • quite "Of course, I quite understand.
  • quito No settlements could well have been worse managed than those of Spain in Mexico, Peru, and Quito.
  • quoit
  • quota
  • quote
  • Quilter Quindío (Quindio) – ColombiaQuingnam – Peru; extinct, possibly the same as Lengua (Yunga) Pescadora of colonial sources; according to Quilter et al.
  • Juliet He's a nice pattern of a Romeo and Juliet.
  • Julio Julio thrust the shillings into his pocket, and muttered: "I do not deny that I may go this evening to the parish of Saint Andrew, to see if any one would dare play against me."
  • quills The porcupine has real quills.
  • quilts We entered, and found a good coffee-room below, and a comfortable bed chamber above, where we found good quilts and mattresses, and slept like princes.
  • QUOT
  • Quixote I was Don Quixote of La Mancha; but to-day I am Alonso Quixano the Good.
  • quailed "I quailed as at a mortal blow, but I did not utter a sound.