What is the correct spelling for QUOLITY?

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Correct spellings for QUOLITY

  • colt Again, Morton made no reply, nor did he comply with her request, and the car flew on and on, while Patricia tried to collect her thoughts, and to determine what were best for her to do toward restraining this head-strong companion of hers, who now seemed like a runaway colt that has taken the bit in its teeth, and has found the strength to defy opposition.
  • cult In doing this he did violence not only to the civic and republican sentiment of Italy, which detested this worship of a living man as an ignoble oriental adulation, but also to the religious feeling of the Hebrews, to whom this cult appeared most horrible and idolatrous.
  • duality By this ingenious device the unity, yet duality of the divine twin is graphically rendered and one-half of each countenance is represented as belonging to each serpent.
  • equality It need not be said, that, upon the prohibition of gold and silver, all lawsuits immediately ceased, for there was now neither avarice nor poverty amongst them, but equality , where every one's wants were supplied, and independence, because those wants were so small. There's women with just one reason to fight for their equality Forgetting the system holds superiority – From Protest To Resistance by conflict
  • guilt In Emily's bosom there was a dreary void-a vast blank-over which there went a low deep voice like a Spirit's-a sound indistinct and strange, that spoke a language she knew not; but felt that it told of woe-guilt-doom. Oh! thine be the gladness, and mine be the guilt! Forgive me, adored one! - forsake if thou wilt; – I Speak Not by george gordon, lord byron
  • guilty His shriek split through the darkness of the room like a ray of light probing to find the guilty : "Thieves! So come forward, admit you're guilty Admit that your thoughts of new Jack killed me – Def Jam In the Motherland by LL Cool J
  • jollity Methought he made but a poor sermon, but long, and reprehending the mistaken jollity of the Court for the true joy that shall and ought to be on these days, he particularized concerning their excess in plays and gaming, saying that he whose office it is to keep the gamesters in order and within bounds, serves but for a second rather in a duell, meaning the groom-porter.
  • jolt "Sure gives me a jolt to think of what you must have gone through, wandering around here all by yourself!
  • nullity In the present state of opinion, where the whole air is alive with the spirit of change, nobody who takes his life or her life seriously, could allow an assumption which means reduction of one of the most important parts of character, the love of truth, to a nullity .
  • polity Still less do you represent the sovereignty; for the people, in giving the general and absolute government to the Earl of Leicester, have conferred upon him at once the exercise of justice, the administration of polity , of naval affairs, of war, and of all the other points of sovereignty.
  • qualify If any person, elected or appointed to any of said offices, shall neglect and fail to qualify , such office shall be appointed to, held and filled as provided in case of vacancies occurring therein.
  • quality I thought, therefore, that there must be some quality peculiar to the sheep that was not generally known.
  • quilt Then Henrietta read her paper, and it was jest as pretty a story as ever I listened to; about him fallin' in love with that sick woman that hadn't walked a step for years, and how he married her against her father's will, and took her 'way off to Florence, the same place where Henrietta and Archibald went when they was in Europe, and where Henrietta got that quilt pattern for me.
  • quit You must promise me to quit this village with your sister within one hour."
  • quite Nance had not done so, he was quite sure of that.
  • quito He determined that there should be a visitation, and named his uncle Huaman Achachi to conduct it in Chinchay-suyu as far as Quito , he himself undertaking the region of Colla-suyu.
  • quoit It is impossible for an ordinary quoit to move it.
  • quota Every profession, art, or manual occupation contributed its quota , while, as far back as 1638, seal and stamp taxes were established on all judicial business and on all kinds of petitions and claims made to official corporations, and subsequently on all bills and accounts.
  • quote 79, 101, 145, inserted opening double quote mark to start of direct speech at top of chapter.
  • Quilter The collection of 13 quilts includes a hand quilt by Mississippi quilter Sarah Mary Taylor that was made for the film The Color Purple as well as an appliquéd word quilt of hers.
  • Juliet Shakespeare is the highest example of this-for example, the parting of Romeo and Juliet .
  • quilts He had to provide clean cloths and towels, cups without flaws, spoons of silver, mattresses, blankets and untorn sheets, pillows, quilts , etc.
  • QUOT

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