What is the correct spelling for QUOPTE?

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Correct spellings for QUOPTE

  • capet The unhappy creature who wore the crown of Charlemagne and of Hugh Capet, was but the tool in the hands of the most profligate and designing of his own subjects, and of foreigners.
  • capote Wall, suppose I take two six-shooters, one loaded, the other empty, and put them under a capote on the table in the next room.
  • carpet She stood easily, the train to her dress sweeping over the soft carpet to one side as she had turned.
  • cope He waited, quietly, then, for Ruth to think over his remarks; she had regarded him earnestly while he had been speaking, and, now, sat with her hands folded in her lap for a few minutes before she spoke: Father Felix, she began, at length, Father Felix, I appreciate the reasons that prompted you to come to me and advise me as you have just been doing; I understand that you consider me unfit to cope with the present situation under my circumstances and I wish to inform you that I do not intend to run away from my duty any more than you do.
  • copied He had copied the lion so far as physical appearances were concerned, but he did not have the brains of the lion, and he failed.
  • cote And Sir Dinadam, and his brother La-cote-male-taile, and Sir Sagramour le Desirous, and Dodinas le Savage, he bore down all with one spear.
  • coupe The fore-wheel of the coupe had been taken from the axle, and in the difficulty of so doing, from the excellence of the workmanship, two of the spokes were broken-the patent box was a mass of rent metal, and the end of the axle turned downwards like a hoe.
  • couple The young couple married and remained in England until Mr. Rawlinson's death and a year later they started upon a long journey.
  • cute "Ah, you're a cute one, you are, Mr. D.," said Popkiss knowingly.
  • jupiter Oh, Jupiter, I wish I was in bed!
  • jute The Celt, however, had his day of supremacy and passed: the Roman crushed his power of initiative and made him helpless and dependent, and the Teuton, whether as Saxon, Angle, Frisian, or Jute, dwelt in his homes and ruled as slaves the former owners of the land.
  • kept 8382. Had you kept an account at Voe?
  • opt I was offered two alternatives, either march to the church and stand to attention for the duration of the service or opt for fatigue duties; twice I chose the former but then decided that peeling potatoes gave me the opportunity to vent my frustrations on the poor tubers, slicing them into cubes or sculpting faces on them.
  • pupate You know that if they hatch, pupate, and become perfect insects that I shall certainly be awarded- You'll be awarded the Matteawan medal, remarked Boomly with venom.
  • puppet Nor did she stop to consider that Germans in 1846 were much more likely to tolerate a fair foreigner's meddling with their puppet king's domestic affairs than with matters of public welfare.
  • quart Emotions by the quart!
  • quarter I'm sure I just came and yet they point to a quarter to eleven.
  • quiet Keep her quiet until I wake up and then we'll find a way out-if the truth is impossible.
  • quip Smiling, debonair, complacent, the morrow's bridegroom had a careless quip for all and sundry on that last night.
  • quirt He raised a quirt he had borrowed, but, reflecting, he let his arm drop again.
  • quit "We started enemies and we quit enemies.
  • quite I am not quite sure.
  • quito The country, we found, was in a very unsettled state, owing to which, probably, he had not come down from Quito.
  • quitter I was a damned quitter.
  • quoit His eyes are to be fixed upon the quoit which will be here, at this end of the canvas, opposite him.
  • quota The millions of dollars going into this industry spread out through the people, irrigating the total prosperity of the country through its appropriate channels, just as money spent on everything else the individual buys throughout the country, adds its appropriate quota to our National prosperity, and should be quite as immune from attack and misrepresentation.
  • quote When the Pole, to Peary, seemed within reach, and the glory of victory was within grasp, the ever-faithful Bartlett was turned back and his place was taken by a negro, that Peary might be, to quote his own words, "the only white man at the Pole."
  • Quieter "It's quieter by the river," he said, and instantly he crossed over.
  • Quipped "Even a pigeon can admire a shapely shape," Hanlon quipped as he disconnected.
  • Quoted Have I not quoted you right?
  • Cooped Here were we stuck on the Queen's high road-tired horses, cooped-up children-and the Three Cocks as unattainable as the Philosopher's stone.
  • Coped He had to engage secretaries and other assistants, but his methodical and efficient mind easily coped with all such matters.
  • Copped When I deserted you and copped out Birdie Bedslatz, I went from bad to worse, from Jersey City to Hoboken.
  • Cupped Whipping a box of matches from a hip pocket, he lit one in a cupped hand.
  • CAPT Of Maham's officers, Capt.
  • QUOT Thear is no good accord whear euery one would be a lord Saieng and doing are two thinges Better be happy then wise Who can hold that will away Allwaies let leasers haue their woordes Warned and half armed He that hath an yll name is half hanged Frenzy Heresy and jalousy are three That seeldome or neuer cured be That the ey seeth not the hart rueth not Better comyng to the ending of a feast then to the begynyng of a fray Yll putting a swoord in a mad mans hand He goes farre that neuer turneth Principium dimidium totius Quot homines tot sententiae Suum cujque pulchrum.
  • SUPT 1,200 to 1,400 Supt.
  • MUPPET I soon became acquainted with a good many people of fashion, and spent my time in the modish diversions of the town, such as plays, operas, masquerades, drums, assemblies, and muppet-shows; chiefly in company with Melinda, whom I cultivated with all the eagerness and address that my prospect could inspire, and my education afford.
  • quipster
  • Quixote Never did boarding-school girl devour the pages of a sentimental novel, or Don Quixote a chivalrous romance, with more intense delight than did the little man banquet on the pages of this delicious work.
  • Gupta Indeed we know that there was a Hindu reaction against the Buddhism of Asoka about 150 B.C. But, on the whole, from the time of Asoka onwards Buddhism had been the principal religion of India, and before the Gupta era there are hardly any records of donations made to Brahmans.
  • copter He'd been told that only a few of the Lhari understood it, just as the man who flew a copter didn't need to understand Newton's Three Laws of Motion in order to get himself back and forth to work.
  • quoited

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