What is the correct spelling for RAB?

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Correct spellings for RAB

  • ab Exspectabat eum Gallus stolide laetus et linguam ab inrisu exserens.
  • arab He was tall and strong, and looked like an Arab in his white burnous.
  • cab First I thought of walking: then of taking a cab . Someone call a cab Lady won'tcha pay my tab – My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, & I Don't Love Jesus by Jimmy Buffett
  • crab Look at the big crab I caught!
  • dab While we were gobbling away, the door suddenly opened and in marched the duck, Dab -Dab, and the dog, Jip, dragging sheets and pillow-cases behind them over the clean tiled floor.
  • drab Albert in olive drab !
  • fab Obs. This insect bears a great affinity to Chrysomela 14-punctata, Fab ., and other Asiatic insects of this type, which have been separated from Chrysomela by Dalman in his Ephemerides Entomologicae, under the name of Podontia.
  • gab Da gab es ein grosses Jammern.
  • grab She'd grab me if she had the least chance, and I don't want to be grab bed."
  • jab Nora, with a jab of her spurs, started to send her pony close against the other, reaching out at the same time with her arms to encircle his head.
  • lab They came through the lab door, and I saw scrambled eggs and fruit salad shining all over bulging uniforms.
  • nab Nab Walker and I seizing the cable, pulled the black mass of the boat toward shore.
  • ra At once Ra -bun-ta was surrounded and plied with questions.
  • rad "Uncle Rad ," he said appealingly, "can't I do anything for you?"
  • raf Directly below where Raf lingered in an aisle dividing the tiers of seats, there was a manhole opening with a barred gate across it, an entrance to the sand-covered enclosure.
  • rag Paupers without a rag of reputation left to cover them, were the objects of charity whom Mr. Henley relieved.
  • ram An enormous ram attended the flock, whose long hair hung down to the ground; its back was painted red.
  • rap He skimmed through the rest of it, and had just finished when there was a sharp rap at the front door.
  • rat That was the thought that occupied me as I lay sleepless and in dread of the rat returning.
  • raw Oh, raw flesh, sir!
  • ray It was very dark, for, although the moon was nearly full, thick clouds effectually concealed her, or permitted only a faint ray to escape now and then, like a gleam of hope from the battlements of heaven.
  • rb The costs of the RB multiple-computer system are given in Table 6. The figures are approximate and not the result of detailed accounting.
  • rib Taking five feet of strong line, I tied one end under a rib next the keelson and the other around the paddle.
  • rob He knows that I could rob him to-night if I wanted to do so.
  • rub Agellius never could rub off this shame, and it has taken this turn.
  • tab The credit men of mercantile institutions keep tab on their customers through the local merchants exchange and the commercial agencies, and are in a position to know to what extent it is safe to extend credit.
  • Ran I ran in and took it.
  • Rae As the batteau drifted around the point, Monkey Rae , who had been the first to get aboard and conceal himself, rose, and putting his fingers to his nose, shouted back some insulting epithets.
  • RAH Dick and his chums expended the last of their ammunition while chasing the rah-rahs.

3 words made from the letters RAB

  • 3 letter words made from RAB:

    arb, bar, bra.