What is the correct spelling for RABBIE?

If you meant to type "rabbie" but misspelled it, there are a few correct alternatives you might have intended to write. It could be "rabbi", referring to a Jewish religious leader. Another possibility is "rabies", a viral disease affecting animals. Carefully check the context to determine the accurate spelling.

Correct spellings for RABBIE

  • abbe The abbe from the nearby monastery came to bless the newly constructed church.
  • Crabbe Crabbe was excited to explore the new city he had just moved to.
  • crabbier I'm not sure why he was so crabbier than usual this morning.
  • Gabbier The gabbier was annoying and quite loud.
  • rabbet The rabbet on the side of the cabinet was perfectlyaligned.
  • rabbi A rabbi is a religious leader.
  • Rabbis The Rabbis led the congregation in prayer.
  • rabbit I have a rabbit living in my backyard.
  • rabble The rabble laughed as the old man stumbled to his feet.
  • rabid The dog was rabid and had to be put down.
  • rabies A Rabies vaccine is required if you are travelling to an area where Rabies is endemic.
  • ramie Ramie is a natural fiber that comes from the stem of a plant native to eastern Asia.
  • Robbi
  • Robbie My best friend Robbie is coming over for dinner.
  • Robbin Robbin is a skilled pickpocket who preys on unsuspecting tourists.
  • rubble The earthquake caused a lot of rubble to be scattered across the ground.