What is the correct spelling for RABBU?

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Correct spellings for RABBU

  • abbe Abbe reported in 1894 that the instruments were long kept in the apparatus room "as a fascinating show to visitors and a stimulation to the staff in the invention of other instruments."
  • arab Born in Egypt, he spoke Arabian like an Arab.
  • bb The strophe is like that of the Nibelungenlied save that the rimes bb are feminine, and the final half-line has five accents.
  • cabby He paid for it, saying never mind the receipt, and then went out to pay the cabby, who respectfully hoped he didn't see him any the worse for that little affair over the water.
  • crab Seeing you tear that fern apart made me think of Caliban upon Setebos-the twenty-first crab you choose for destruction, while you're trying to invent what you believe.
  • crabby I entertained myself with keeping her to the subject, and that made her crabby.
  • drab They lift it out of the drab commonplace.
  • gabby So Enoch Gabby got his weekly ten shillings, though Lady Ongar hardly realized the pleasure that she had expected from the transaction.
  • grab When I fire my pistol from there, you grab your wife and try to get to that door with her.
  • grabby Looks like it ain't 'zactly grabby fer me ter git a holiday onct every fifty years."
  • ra Then Cornish paused for a moment near Uncle Ben's hut, and listened to "Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay."
  • rabat In Rabat, unfortunately, almost all who were in the Kasbah prison died long ago.
  • rabbet 2728 a side rabbet plane.
  • rabbi Back to his mind came certain words of a rabbi, long since gone to his fathers; before his eyes glittered words which he had had impressed upon his mind more recently than in those half-forgotten childish days.
  • rabbit He'll have his rabbit, the villain!
  • rabble At the sight of the white children here also resounded unfriendly cries, but at least the rabble did not threaten with death.
  • rabid The more rabid fanatics were still tugging forward, the others were holding back, and the lines vibrated between the two impulses without advancing.
  • rb
  • rbi
  • rib No, I bus' it up on de face an' de rib, but she's feelin' good now.
  • rob But, at any rate, they could not rob him of his thoughts; they could not make him say where he had been or whom he had seen.
  • robe I will fashion for thee such a robe as thou hast never seen.
  • ru 7. Ru-mi-na'tion, the act of musing, meditation.
  • rub It is always accompanied with a great desire to rub the affected part.
  • rubber There was evidently a closer contact with the bad cooking and less of the warm rubber.
  • rube Hopkins and a posse were arresting one Rube Maloney when set upon by Terry.
  • ruby The ruby smiled at Peter as it was slipped into its case; it was glad that it was going to somebody who hadn't very many things.
  • tabby Of all this she thought during the few minutes Mrs. Dr. Van Buren talked, and she sat passive in her chair, where she had dropped, with her dumpy little hands lying so helplessly in her lap, and her cap all awry, as Tabby had made it when purring and rubbing against it.
  • Bub H'y'ere, bub, this ticket's no good!
  • Rabbis 16 the Rabbis gathered that the Messiah when He came would renew the gift of manna.
  • Reba I mean to go and see Mrs. Hadden about Reba; and then I might begin first, you know.
  • Abby Richard's name I never saw; neither did Abby know anything about him..
  • Robbie Call Captain Walls, Robbie.
  • Robby As the messenger was returning, the mother stepped out of the house to relieve him, and when she went into the house again her own Robby was there.
  • BU Bu-but you haven't asked me yet!"
  • RAMBO "That little rambo tree you planted a couple of years ago had two apples on it," she told him, "but I never noticed 'em all summer, the leaves was so thick and it was such a little feller, anyhow."
  • Crabbe It varies more than in the case of colour in the material itself or of pigments, because it is a "living" colour, as Crabbe rightly says in his lumbering verse: The living stains, which Nature's hand alone, Profuse of life, pours out upon the stone.
  • ribber
  • ante-dated
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