What is the correct spelling for RACEAE?

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Correct spellings for RACEAE

  • araceae Flowers perfect, on a lateral spadix; sepals 6. Acorus, in ARACEAE, 550
  • race But, race as she would, the sun sank and the shadow of the world crept higher behind her shoulder.
  • rack On the hat-rack was a disordered heap of letters which other girls tremulously would come to sort.
  • rage Your lover killed them in a rage ."
  • raise "If you raise that stone 'twill be the last of you.
  • reach They could no longer reach her, and none dared follow the path she had taken.
  • recess The recess was empty.
  • rescue May it yet be time enough to rescue you from such a fate!
  • rice Tell him to give me enough to pay for rice for the two of you....
  • rich The old man is very rich , you know."
  • rise Do they rise and set?
  • risk Oh, yes, it was well worth the risk and danger.
  • risky "Dealing with a woman you've known all her life is risky enough, without going as far as Ben did for an opportunity to get slapped in the face.
  • rock Still I sat upon the rock , and still the rain beat down upon me.
  • rocky The boat now swept around a bend in the river, and they saw they were in a Valley somewhat larger than any they had yet visited; but their view was shut off by a high wall that ran along the river bank on one side, and by the rocky edge of the Valley on the other side.
  • rogue The Rogue must win; must.
  • rookie Mahan whispered to the man on his immediate left, the rookie from Missouri: It's Dray Boogie, no rookie, a tough cookie – Shine by Das EFX
  • rose At last he rose . But the bold glory of the rose, It quickly comes and quickly goes -- – The Jacquerie A Fragment by Sidney Lanier
  • rough What; here in this rough yard? And when you find it rough Contending with the grind That the world puts us through I can promise you a happy ending – I Promise You A Happy Ending by Unknown Author
  • rug Any sort of an ordinary kind of rug will do. Cuts a wicked rug It ain't no shame, he's not to blame He's Doug the Jitterbug – Doug the Jitterbug by Louis Jordan
  • rush Have we time to rush them? She's such a rush She's such a crush – True To Me by metro station
  • Races He knew native races. Diamond faces, united with all races Take me to a place where ain't no chalk traces or court cases – Take Me by Trina
  • Risks And now he risks it again, and I cannot force him away.
  • rushes
  • raises It is the feeling of having fulfilled her destiny, which raises her head and makes us fancy she has grown taller."
  • racks Blake strung the greater part of the meat on the drying racks , built a smudge fire beneath, and stretched the antelope skin on a frame.
  • rows There are three rows of chairs, the two back rows being raised above the first the height of one step.
  • rocks You are as hard as the rocks .
  • reaches "Follow it, and when the sun reaches the top of yonder hill you will be with your people.
  • rises "When one rises from the dead," he replied.

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