What is the correct spelling for RAEN?

If you're typing "raen" but actually meant to write "rain", don't worry – it's a common misspelling. To rectify the error, consider checking your spelling and autocorrect settings or using online resources like dictionaries or spell-check tools. Paying attention to context clues and proofreading can also help prevent this mistake in the future.

Correct spellings for RAEN

  • AEN
  • RAE
  • Rae Rae's new haircut suited her perfectly.
  • Rain The rain poured so heavily that the roads were flooded.
  • Ramen I love to eat Ramen noodles with a combination of spices and vegetables.
  • Ran Yesterday, I ran a mile in under ten minutes.
  • Raven The raven took flight, disappearing into the darkness of the night sky.
  • Rein She needed a tighter rein on her horse to control it.