What is the correct spelling for RAFFAL?

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Correct spellings for RAFFAL

  • foal Even Tony, the aloof and unfriendly, consented to unbend to the extent of being interested in the dialogue of "John Smith and Minnie Bowl, can you shoe a little foal?"
  • offal The early laws against throwing garbage, fish heads, household refuse, offal, etc.
  • racial Or will you choose the universe of the subconscious, our racial past locked up in the secret chambers of our mind?
  • radial When there is evidence that the radial nerve has been injured, and no sign of improvement appears within three or four days of the accident, operative interference is indicated.
  • raf Here was the Titian Venus of the Tribune, deliciously copied by a French artist: there, the Roman Fornarina, with her delicate grace, beamed like the personification of Raf-faelle's genius.
  • raffia Boys are at carpentering, raffia, or wrought-iron work.
  • raffle In all my description of the watch I had merely described my own, a very cheap affair which I had won at a raffle.
  • raffles The Raffles Museum in Singapore, one of the most interesting in the Orient, was his gift.
  • rail My heavy cattle are turned out three different times at least before they are sent to rail.
  • rainfall The amount of rainfall is also a matter for consideration.
  • raphael Mr. Raphael, the Pastor, extended himself in the sermon about giving for the proposed new carpet.
  • ravel It is but a sorry task to rip the twisted ravel from the worn garment of life and to turn the grout in a drained cup.
  • real It had never seemed real.
  • refill When you accounted for your time to the inspector, you told him that you went into the house to refill your cigarette case?
  • refuel And if the Chief hadn't blown up that manned rocket we fought in the space wagons, there wouldn't be any Platform up here to reload and refuel the Moonship.
  • reveal I can't reveal my source.
  • rial
  • riff
  • riffle He could not accustom himself to that extra half-hour's delay which occurred on mail days, a delay caused by Riffle, the coloured boy, having to walk to the village to fetch the post.
  • rifle Wicked were Warren's thoughts as he stood, rifle in hand, watching the two.
  • rival So soon as they were a few miles away, Glyddyr saw his rival taking advantage of his absence, and winning Claude over to his side, and with her the wealth that was to have been his.
  • rueful Doggie, who was beginning to acquire a sense of rueful humour, smiled and was appeased.
  • ruff After receiving full assurance that the big cup should be his at the close of the show, Link returned to Chum's bench in ecstasy and sat down beside his tired dog, with one arm thrown lovingly round the collie's ruff.
  • ruffle Cook until the oysters ruffle, and serve with boiled rice.
  • Raffled There are experts who can tell you the weight of a haystack by looking at it, and there are others who are able at Christmas-time to indulge in an unquenchable thirst by accurately computing the weight, down to ounces, of the pig or turkey raffled for at their favourite public-house.
  • Rafael In heaven, perhaps, new chances, one more chance- Four great walls in the New Jerusalem, Meted on each side by the angel's reed, For Leonard, Rafael, Agnolo and me To cover-the three first without a wife, While I have mine!
  • Raul
  • ROFL
  • ruffly Let the others have all the ruffly dishes they want.