What is the correct spelling for RAGEN?

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Correct spellings for RAGEN

  • argon Argon Without your father- Lisette He's coming.
  • dragon The monstrous giant, finding that Tom did not make much haste to get down to him, alighted from his dragon , and chained him to an oak tree, then marched to the castle, setting his broad shoulders against the corner of the wall as if he intended to overthrow the whole bulk of the building at once.
  • gen About this time Gen .
  • karen We both went to sleep then, until Mrs. Turner's ringing for Karen roused us."
  • rag He caught the rag from the hands of his companion and studied it with a face of growing astonishment.
  • rage It is not likely that you will ever see anybody in such a rage as he was in.
  • ragged His coat was ragged and torn from the claws of Hooty the Owl and the teeth of Old Jed Thumper.
  • raging Our arrival greatly relieved their anxiety, for they had fancied that we and the boys might have been passing through a part of the wood in which the fire had been raging .
  • raglan In June, General Raglan died of cholera, and on the following fifth of September, the Russians, finding they could no longer defend Sebastopol, blew up its defences and also its two immense magazines of munitions.
  • rain An' I'll be wishin' for that rain ."
  • rake Go on, Mr. Rake ."
  • ranee I know not thy meaning, Ranee , I- Come, then, and I will show thee, my king.
  • range Still, the first plan would be better, if only it could be brought within the range of things possible.
  • ranger "That Mrs. Ranger , the one near the samovar-that big brass thing.
  • raven In the meantime, I will tell you of a raven which had been brought up with a dog in Cambridgeshire.
  • reagan Congressman Reagan , of Texas, had for years been pushing a bill to regulate interstate commerce and to prohibit unjust discriminations by common carriers; other measures periodically made their appearance in the Senate; but the Houses had been unable to agree and nothing had been done.
  • reagent It is a reagent unlike any to be found in other modes of life.
  • regain There is plenty left for him to do, and I trust he will do it as an independent member of Parliament, and in that position regain his lost influence with the country.
  • regent The factory became a financial failure from which the regent had not power to lift it.
  • regina Recently an ex-despatch-bearer from De Wet joined the force at Regina , and although the cold shoulder was turned on him for a day or two, he soon made good.
  • region He had never expected to find such a beautiful being in this wilderness region .
  • Ragging Selina was the most popular, being liable to shrieks of laughter at the smallest witticisms, and always ready for that species of amusement termed "bally-ragging" or "hay-making."
  • Raged My headache of the evening still raged furiously and I was in desperately low spirits.
  • Raking Raking out the fire, I picked up the lanthorn and was about to go, then halted, considering whether I should not stow the frozen provisions away.
  • Ran The reason why we ran short was, that we could not got notice sent.
  • Roger What is the matter, Roger ?
  • Rages But in every country in the world into which vaccination has not been introduced, smallpox rages as commonly and as fatally as ever.
  • rags "So I am not yet poor, despite my rags ," he would say bravely to himself.
  • RAGA I've been trying to learn an Indian raga.
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