What is the correct spelling for REATED?

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Correct spellings for REATED

  • aerated
  • dreaded
  • fretted She was fretted ; yes, but she was provoked too.
  • heated His face was heated and flushed as Allie had never seen it.
  • rate I liked them better than the girls, at any rate .
  • read It read : "Doctor would you please come.
  • rebate As he displayed his intimate knowledge to his host, and obviously knew where to look for redress, he had the satisfaction of obtaining a rebate of 150 francs.
  • reed J. H. Reed , 120 Ill.
  • reheated It may be reheated without chopping and seasoned with salt, pepper, butter, and vinegar.
  • relate I shall not stay to relate the events of the war.
  • related Are they related in any way?
  • repeated "She is hungry," Ootah repeated over and over again.
  • reputed He had, however, a mellow and strangely sympathetic voice, in which Mark fancied that he perceived the power he was reputed to wield over the soldiers for whose well-being he fought so hard.
  • rested That bird is an exception-it has rested on Mrs. Hartopp's head for hours together, every evening since we have been in town."
  • roasted Wrestling-rings were formed in one part; in another, an ox was roasted whole.
  • rooted Ben Weatherstaff rooted up a weed and threw it aside before he answered.
  • rotate We found that it was just possible for the earth to rotate on its axis in three hours, and that when it did so, something was liable to separate from it.
  • rotated They were robust and rotated rapidly on their own axes, just like wheels.
  • rotted The race of heroic knights and nobles who fought under the walls of Jerusalem-who wrestled, and not in vain, for centuries with the equally heroic English, in defence of their native soil-who had set to all Europe the example of all knightly virtues, had rotted down to this; their only virtue left, as Mr. Carlyle says, being-a perfect readiness to fight duels.
  • routed If, however, the Egyptian troops are completely routed ?
  • rutted Blazing sunshine beat down upon the rutted street, and an unpleasant gritty dust blew along it.
  • seated Let us be seated , and speak to each other as brother and sister should speak who love and wish to understand each other."
  • treated I warrant I'll make him take the money; aye, and own That he's well treated too.
  • wreathed The Hilberys subscribed to a library, which delivered books on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Katharine did her best to interest her parents in the works of living and highly respectable authors; but Mrs. Hilbery was perturbed by the very look of the light, gold-wreathed volumes, and would make little faces as if she tasted something bitter as the reading went on; while Mr. Hilbery would treat the moderns with a curious elaborate banter such as one might apply to the antics of a promising child.
  • Berated Alfred was unmercifully berated that he had dragged his family to the country, destroying their happiness and spending all his money for-what, for what?
  • Breaded
  • Grated
  • Greeted
  • Rafted The bolt piles grew; they were hurled swiftly down the chute into the dwindling river, rafted to the mill.
  • Raided
  • Ranted Thence with my wife abroad, and left her at Tom's, while I abroad about several businesses and so back to her, myself being vexed to find at my first coming Tom abroad, and all his books, papers, and bills loose upon the open table in the parlour, and he abroad, which I ranted at him for when he came in.
  • Ratted However, the bill was lost by a vote of 16 to 14; one Senator having "ratted" at the last moment, to the disgust of a large body of the members of the House, who were waiting to seize the bill and carry it up-stairs into their chamber.
  • Rated
  • Rater
  • Reamed
  • Reaped
  • Reared
  • Recited
  • Refuted
  • Rented
  • Rioted
  • Wrested A considerable portion also were taken from the transient and heated declamations of violent party newspapers, which wrested from their original purpose and connection, might mean what never was meant, or even, if fairly collated, expressed what their authors, perhaps, would now gladly recall.
  • Crated
  • Created
  • Prated While practising this mastery, he assured her he would always listen to her: yes, whether she Lydiardized, or what Dr. Shrapnel called Jenny-prated.
  • reacted
  • readied
  • orated Decorated, you mean, Dan.
  • rebated PB – Lead bulletPB – ParabellumPL – Remington Power-LoktPnPT – Pneumatic pointPPL – Paper patched leadPSP – Plated soft pointPSP, PTDSP – Pointed soft pointPRN – Plated round noseRBT – Rebated boat tailRN – Round noseRNFP – Round nose flat pointRNL – Roun
  • retied

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