What is the correct spelling for REBARS?

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Correct spellings for REBARS

  • bars After all, there ain't nothin' in what we can tell about Charley that a lot of other people wouldn't spill, an' nothin' that could land him behind the bars .
  • rebus Mr. Petrie states that the theory of the Phoenician or Indo-Scythic origin of these towers was stated for the first time so recently as 1772 by General Vallancey, in his "Essay on the Antiquity of the Irish Language," and was re-asserted by him in many different and contradictory forms in his Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, published at intervals in the following years.
  • Reba Reba Don't be angry.
  • Bears Mr. Bruce does not seem to recollect that the number of shawls dyed bears a very small proportion to the number of shawls we sell.
  • reaps And he can do this because, as I have already said, he inherits what previous generations have acquired, and so reaps the benefits of what they have done.
  • rebuts Either we will live on as we are, until an obstacle arises,-for indeed I do not look for a 'security' where you suppose, and the very appearance of it there, is what most rebuts me-or I will be yours in the obvious way, to go out of England the next half-hour if possible.
  • rubs The next moment they scatter and disappear so suddenly that one almost rubs his eyes to make sure that the birds are really gone.
  • reads The writer has a little printed card on his check book and it reads "Drive the axe into expenses."
  • robs Yet the elder Pliny, who saw the reign of Vespasian, inveighs almost fiercely against the vanity or madness which dreams of a phantom life beyond the tomb, and robs of its great charm the last kindly boon of nature.
  • repairs He had only one power tube intact-beyond that, the cargo carrier was wrecked and he had on board nothing with which to make repairs .
  • rebels The rebels will be on the look-out, and you very probably will be captured if you go alone.
  • robes "Welcome, little Sister," he said, "and how dost thou like thy father's new robes ?"
  • rears "But the good monk, in cloistered cell, Shall gain it by his book and bell, His prayers and tears; And the brave knight, whose arm endures Fierce battle, and against the Moors His standard rears .
  • ribs He felt his heart beat against his ribs ; a cold sweat broke out upon his forehead; he lay for some time in a state of violent agitation; nothing, however, occurred to increase his alarm.
  • rebates The wisest statesmen and publicists differ sharply concerning the effect of bounties and special governmental favors, like tariffs and rebates , upon the favored industry, and so, as long as the fishing bounty was continued, its needfulness was sharply questioned by one school, while ever since its withdrawal the opposing school has ascribed to that act all the later ills of the industry.
  • roars In the midst of all, Frank and Willy, overwhelmed by their ridiculous error, took to their heels as hard as they could, and the last sounds that reached them were the roars of the soldiers as the scampering boys disappeared in a cloud of dust.
  • robbers This poor child can never have been the pupil of robbers !
  • REAMS Calculating the editions at 5,000 the costs are:- Paper, 5 reams at 12 francs .
  • debars Thus every colony is like a farm held on a short lease, which effectually debars it from improvement, as the same feeling which actuates the individual in neglecting the future, because he will not personally enjoy the fruits of his labor, must in some degree fetter the enterprise of a five years' governor.
  • rubes One of their main Delights, also, was to welcome the Stranger, who thought he was sojourning among the Rubes , and lead him into the Roodle Department, the purpose being to get him out on a Limb and then saw off the Limb.
  • rehears
  • rehabs
  • rubbers
  • unsacrificing
  • co-adjutant
  • unfriendlines
  • discommends
  • floatabilities
  • jerry-build
  • mailwomen

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