What is the correct spelling for REJOYS?

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Correct spellings for REJOYS

  • rejoice I throw up the case, man, and rejoice with you and the whole town.
  • rejoin I must rejoin Miss Goff.
  • relays Make the movements about fifteen times a minute-that's pretty nearly what Nature does-and have relays of helpers.
  • res This was, however, a rare pleasure, for every morning for at least three or four hours I was obliged to sit opposite the colonel, engaged in the compilation of that narrative of his "res gestae," which was to eclipse the career of Napoleon and leave Wellington's laurels but a very faded lustre in comparison.
  • ross Ross Marvin's family, engrossed in preparations for a reception with flowers and flags, was about to see, in cold, black print, that he for whom their hearts beat expectantly was no more.
  • rosy The Cuban girl grew rosy red.
  • Rex The children were playing with Rex.
  • Reyes See Reyes, El Folklore Filipino, p.
  • Keys She felt as if she held the keys of fate in her hands.
  • Roxy "Roxy has made a frightful mess of it, after all.
  • rejoins "I do not hear the carriage," Katrine rejoins, looking at her watch.
  • rejoices It is a maxim that true greatness finds worthy colleagues and successors, and rejoices in them.
  • joys Were we ready to share Cook's joys?
  • jays He wasn't on friendly terms either with the jays and magpies.
  • rooks It was quite a public calamity in this rural empire, and all seemed to feel for the poor rooks as for fellow-citizens in distress.
  • rows But I'm glad we're not a daily; if we were we should get into seven times as many rows as we do, shouldn't we.
  • rocks So she covers her face with her hand and rocks herself back and forth, and now, lad, here's where the blarney comes in.
  • repays In fact, I hardly know another bird that so well repays a season's study; only one must be very patient, and put up with frequent disappointments if he would learn much of a crow's peculiarities by personal observation.
  • recurs When it recurs for the last time, a change from the printed text is not only justifiable; it is demanded, in order to give additional intensity and power to the phrase, and to avoid the monotony caused by mere repetition.
  • decoys In later years the native kings, animated by an ever-growing thirst for the white man's rum, declared war in order to secure captives, and employed decoys to lure young men into the commission of crime.
  • reeks I can't rightly tell you the day of the month, but it was about three reeks after we rescued Thomas Llewellin, who had been sent to gaol on account of the row at Mr. Stephens's.
  • RAYS The lantern made the scene a dead, grave-like black outside its little circle of illumination; nevertheless its rays suffered me to guess at the picture of ruin the decks offered.
  • RIOS Entre Rios and Uruguay were, however, as yet entirely unsettled.
  • ROES There are none, for instance, in the blood of deer and of roes, and for this reason the blood of such animals as these never coagulates....
  • rigors Nor were passengers exempt from the rigors of search and plunder.
  • redoes
  • rajahs And they won't forget in a hurry how we punished the other rajahs for their treacherous rising against the British power.
  • Rojas Judge Rojas is in there.
  • Greys The greys here are dark greys, and such greys can be matched exactly by throwing the white light in which the comparisons were made on a white card, and reducing the intensity by means of the rotating sectors.
  • addlebrains
  • addlepates
  • adoptings
  • counterinsurgencies
  • countermandings
  • criss-crossing
  • criterias
  • crushings
  • disaaranging
  • gumshoed
  • gumshoeing
  • subleasing
  • large-heas