What is the correct spelling for REMAIM?

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Correct spellings for REMAIM

  • ma'am I hope he isn't ill, ma'am ?
  • maim Had Homer, or any other admir'd Author, first started into Publick so maim 'd and deform'd, we cannot determine whether they had not sunk for ever under the Ignominy of such an ill Appearance.
  • mam I rather think, mam , it's the young gentleman that's stopping at the vicarage."
  • premium These gratuities serve as a premium upon good behavior and obedience to authority.
  • ram "First, there is a record," Ram Yaksahn replied, "which may be his or another's.
  • rama Mysterious country of the cults of Rama , Sakkia-Mouni, Djonkapa and Paspa, cults guarded by the very person of the living Buddha-Buddha incarnated in the third dignitary of the Lamaite religion-Bogdo Gheghen in Ta Kure or Urga; the land of mysterious doctors, prophets, sorcerers, fortune-tellers and witches; the land of the sign of the swastika; the land which has not forgotten the thoughts of the long deceased great potentates of Asia and of half of Europe: that is Mongolia.
  • ramie He raised ramie successfully last year, and sold, he told me, from one-tenth of an acre, two hundred and sixty three pounds of prepared ramie , for fifteen cents per pound.
  • realm We have here, as in so many other accounts, a clear connexion between the realm of the dead and Fairyland.
  • ream Near here I saw a tub-wheel without a ream ; the trunk descended from the top of the water-fall to the wheel in a direct line, but with the usual inclination.
  • reamer A reamer whose teeth may be adjusted to the required diameter.
  • rearm And who can say reading those articles today that it would not have changed the defeats of this war into victory at a far earlier date had our statesmen read and heeded-the analysis for instance of the peril of the aeroplane, of the threat to the Empire from Japan, the importance of keeping Italy's friendship in the Mediterranean, the growing strength of Germany and the awful risk we took in allowing her to rearm , in failing to arm against her?
  • rem In the morning Rem will, I hope, be reasonable."
  • remain "No doubt about that," said Nettleship, "and likely to remain there too."
  • remake By day the moon is pale and lonely, Likewise he waxes thinner and thinner: His rings and bracelets slip,- I think he must remake them many times.
  • remark I looked; and the latter part of his remark was undoubtedly true.
  • remit On the morrow, indeed, sitting in chapter, as he was about to depart and ask licence so to do, he said he had satisfied all his servants, and had made his will just as if he was now to die; and beginning to speak concerning those liberties, he justified himself, saying that he had changed the ancient customs in order that there should not be a default in the administration of the King's justice, and threw the blame upon the sacrist, and said that if Durand, the town bailiff, who was now sick, should die, the sacrist might hold the bailiwick in his own hand, and present a bailiff to the chapter for approval, as the custom had been of old, so nevertheless that this be done with the assent of the abbot; but the gifts and offerings to be made yearly by the bailiff he would in no wise remit .
  • rim It was as a final cheer died away that Haredale, on the rim of the throng, felt himself tapped upon the shoulder.
  • roam In the mating season, when three or four bears often roam the woods together in fighting humor, Mooween uses a curious kind of challenge.
  • Reaming
  • Remade They whisk past, gleaming bright but for a moment, and the world which came out of great twilight plunges again into it, perhaps to be remade and reillumined on some eternal morning.
  • dis-gracefulness

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