What is the correct spelling for REN?

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Correct spellings for REN

  • ben "Go ahead, Ben , let's have it," spoke up Jack.
  • den The sailor remained in the den for a couple of hours or more, during which time the tiger kept so close to him, that it was evident he would have some difficulty in getting out again, without the animal making his escape at the same time.
  • e'en I think I never made a better, e'en in my boyish days!
  • en "Knowing, too, that the message came from Walter Pennold, we can safely assume that -en is Pen.
  • fen But the resistance offered by forest and fen to the progress of the troop seemed destined to remain the sole opposition which the Romans were to encounter; for the latter had not met a single human being since they quitted the southern shore of the lake and the stations along the road there.
  • gen Another good reason for Gen .
  • hen There's some one at the hen -house.
  • ken She said, "I ken that fine.
  • men 9342. Do the men go there for settlement?
  • pen Hardy played with his pen .
  • re To her surprise Mignon re -entered the dressing-room as she left it.
  • red She turned red in giving it him.
  • ref Mostly the ref makes motions.
  • rein He drew rein then, and the old gentleman came to his side: "Why art thou here?"
  • rem Rem then approached his sister and said, "it is time to go home."
  • rend I would smite The hearts bowed before it; all the world And the Beyond-world would I rend , having seen Serpents in their secret places.
  • reno The trains moved off to seek shelter behind the Rappahannock, and the army followed, leaving the cavalry in position, and marching as follows:- Reno by Stevensburg to Kelly's Ford.
  • rent 8284. And you have to pay your rent out of that balance?
  • rep "On the contrary, sir, he said, 'Great as are Mr. Rep -ton's gifts, and brilliant as are his acquirements, I envy him more the happy buoyancy of his nature than all his other qualities.
  • res He had treated with disdain the suggestions of his faithful Admiral Decres, who had feared to put the truth too plainly, that the fleet ordered up from the west had failed, and with it the Master's mighty scheme.
  • rev She was staying with the Rev .
  • rn Th' heir iv th' Hinnissys was enthered at th' exclusive school thirty years befure he was bor-rn.
  • ron What do you say, Ron ?
  • run 7976. Do you run any accounts in your shop?
  • sen No wonder the fare was cheap; it cost only three sen .
  • ten But I should be ten times as happy with my whole day to spend as I liked."
  • wen Wen he was a boy he sed he pizened one of his feet, an that it had allers trubbled him, more or less, ever sence.
  • wren Hyde watched her flitting about the strange room, and thought of a little brown wren among the poisonous, vivid splendours of tropical swamp flowers.
  • yen Tipped the hotel five yen as tea money.
  • zen "My daughter, Zen ," said Y.
  • Ran Then he ran to the side.
  • Rex At that moment Scarthe carried in his pocket signed "Carolus Rex ," an order for the knight's arrest, and commitment to the Tower of London!
  • Rene She had adorned the rooms with superb tapestry made for Rene of Savoy, on which were depicted all the operations of the Great Work.
  • Rena Rena Taylor disappeared from that gambling house the same night and about the same time that Warrington's car disappeared.
  • Len "Len will be cut up; he always is.
  • Reg But Uncle Reg was a symbol, too Of the way the Quality used to do What was expected.
  • REC He wanted to ask her if she had brought the Rec -om-pense, but it was such a risk to speak.
  • REL 8, 27. - Ondegardo, Rel .
  • addlepates

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