What is the correct spelling for RHINK?

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Correct spellings for RHINK

  • brink The camels paused at the brink ; after which they began to step carefully towards the bottom.
  • dink I ain't sick 'n' my fam'ly ain't sick, but Dink Scribbens took with the small-pox las' night 'n' me 'n' my folks has to pass his door ever' time we come to town!
  • drink I must have another drink .
  • fink Major Fink " and sometimes "Talking Rube," gives the best description of Luke's condition, habits and surroundings, that I can offer.
  • hank Yes, we've come after Hank 'n' we're goin' to git 'im!
  • honk Well, by and by, after a while, he heard the honk of an automobile horn.
  • hunk Here in rows of twenty or thirty were seated men and women and children, mixed together; before each one a bowl of not very thick soup, and a hunk of bread, and a tin cup full of hot brown liquid, politely taken for coffee.
  • ink When I knew the price of an article when I received it from the store, I put it down in ink ; but I did not know the price of the meal, and I put it down in pencil when I came to settle.
  • kink The Kaiser had plotted for fourteen years, and now he was being actively aided by his eldest son, that shrewd, active agnostic with a criminal kink .
  • link "But we could not come close to this elephant-to link with his leg-chains-for his threatening eye.
  • mink So Mr. Rabbit called on Mr. Skunk and Mr. Coon and Mr. Mink and Mr. Squirrel and Mr. Chipmunk, and all the rest of his neighbors, telling them of his trouble and asking them to help.
  • oink
  • pink And you say there won't be any more Pink Ghost?
  • rain That was when, out of the rain , she finally heard the sound.
  • rainy The rainy season, or the so-called "massica," was drawing to an end.
  • rank It was evident that he was a person of rank .
  • rein His luggage also would certainly have been left to the mercy of the brigands, had he not fortunately recollected that such might be its fate; so he wisely drew in his rein , and allowed his horse to proceed at its own pace till his party should come up with him.
  • rethink The world is ready to rethink itself.
  • rhine Nothing will be left undone by the French government to secure permanent occupation of the coal district of the Rhine .
  • rhino Rhino could not have been much hurt, for his spoor was to be seen a few days afterwards fifteen miles away, and it was still the spoor of a running animal.
  • rhone He spent many of his free evenings at the theatre, and wrote a musical comedy, "The Rose of the Rhone ," which was acted with some success.
  • rick The busy yet peaceful life of home and fields was going on; the hay had been carried; the rick was made, and the rick -sheet covered a handsome pile.
  • rind Beat four tablespoonfuls of sugar to a cream with one cupful of butter and the grated yellow rind of a lemon.
  • ring Which, the hand or the ring ?
  • rink The rink was to be paid for in January and the pump on its arrival.
  • risk No doubt it was one in which he was ready to risk his life.
  • ruin "You let this happen," she said "You wanted to ruin my life."
  • rung Scarce had she uttered the first word, when a voice-it sounded like that of human agony-rung through the church.
  • runic 5. Now of thy wolves take one from out the stall; let him run with runic rein.
  • shrink The glance she directed towards Merl made that gentleman shrink back, and eventually slide noiselessly from the room, and escape from the scene altogether.
  • sink "Though I don't like the crew, I won't sink the ship.
  • think 5585. Do you think it is much done?
  • wink She hadn't slept a wink , and she was still too frightened to even go look for her breakfast.
  • Rang He immediately rang me up here."
  • Ruing Lilly, too, would be sitting there some day, bitterly ruing her lost youth as one regrets an act of criminal folly.
  • Jink Jink ran away to the front door.
  • rhinos But the hippos were bathing in the shallowest pools, Thinking the rhinos and elephants fools.
  • rinks I met some awfully nice people from her town when mamma and I were at Atlantic City, last spring, and not one had ever heard of the Rinks !
  • formalisms
  • inearthed

15 words made from the letters RHINK

  • 3 letter words made from RHINK:

    hin, inh, ink, irk, khi, kin.
  • 4 letter words made from RHINK:

    khin, kihn, kinh, kirn, krin, nihk, rihk, rink.
  • 5 letter words made from RHINK: