What is the correct spelling for RIKUES?

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Correct spellings for RIKUES

  • rockies The thing might have been done easily in the Canadian Rockies .
  • ruckus I repeat: we heard the ruckus , and we're coming in!
  • Rives A. Rives , commanding Gen.
  • Rages It is very bad for you when you get in such rages!
  • likes Maybe some likes him, and more is afraid of him; but he himself knows everybody and everybody's business.
  • riles It's not the mean, sneaking way you've got inter of dropping pizen pills all over the place that riles me so much as the killin' of 'em off by the thousan' without takin' any thought of what's coming.
  • hikes And so, when Miss Padova takes it into her head to elope to America with a tin trunk, Papa Padova hikes himself down to the nearest telegraph office and cables over a general alarm to his old friend, who's been made consul.
  • rises You will almost see the smoke that rises from the funeral pile.
  • pikes Practically it has one fine mountain-the Old Man-and no more, though Bow Fell and the Langdale Pikes are not entirely out of reach.
  • rogues First, there's the fool's lie-you'll know it because there's no purpose in it, and there's the rogue's lie,-and as we're neither fools nor rogues we'll class them both as-otherwise; then there's the lie of pride, and, as that goes along with the fool's lie, we'll throw it out with the-otherwise-and the coward's lie also goes with the otherwise.
  • rites It is the rites and ceremonies of a country that give us its religion in the concrete.
  • rugs "There are a couple of rugs ," I said, depositing them on his feet.
  • dikes He was uneasy because the storms had flooded the river, and because all the dikes seemed ready to burst.
  • rides Deep Harbor's freight yards were a kind of clearing house for tramps stealing rides east and west.
  • roues He soon left us, and after the Opera I saw him with the Duke of Haverfield, one of the most incorrigible roues of the day, leading out a woman of notoriously bad character and of the most ostentatious profligacy.
  • rues The scene took place in front of a house which was being pulled down at the corner of the rues Duphot and Saint-Honore.
  • RIGS There were very few among them whose camps, rigs, teams, or dress indicated that they had any money to spare.
  • YIKES "I want him boo'," he informed Miss Emily, "he's for a girl, and she yikes boo'."
  • MIKES Yer knows the missus-well, there ain't no bloomin' doubt abaht it, she knows as you an' me are carryin' on, an' she mikes no bones abaht lettin' me see it.
  • rakes Machines of every class and character were provided-reaping-machines, mowing-machines, horse-hoes, horse-rakes, elevators-everything was to be done by machinery.
  • rookies He was a cheerful, hardworking little chap and the "rookies" took to him at once.
  • ridges We climbed over ridges like walls.
  • rouges She dresses in rich silks, with long waist; she rouges considerably, and her hair, which is nearly white, is frizzed out, and put up with pins.
  • ricks Now the threshing-machine arrives, and the ricks are threshed in a few days.
  • rimes He saw Ygerne several rimes , always from a distance, and made no attempt to speak with her.
  • riggers 11,264. Have the carpenters, the sailmakers and riggers all credit accounts with you?
  • bikes "I saw those little rocket-bikes, and began figuring.
  • aero-dynamic
  • corporealized
  • corporealizes
  • countermines
  • counteroffensives
  • crisscrosses
  • criterias
  • crushings
  • undelicious
  • discardings
  • footnoting
  • footslogged

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