What is the correct spelling for RISUS?

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Correct spellings for RISUS

  • crisis This national crisis through which Browning had lived could not fail to have made its impression on him.
  • disuse See that you keep that love in constant exercise, or, like others of our best gifts, it may grow dull by disuse or abuse.
  • isis This particular wig probably belonged to a female, and was found near the small temple of Isis , Thebes.
  • missus 'Deed I do, missus ; 'deed yo' kin!
  • misuse The law-courts are often rightly blamed for being strenuous opponents of the spread of modern logic: the frequent misuse of and, or, the, and provided that in them is notorious.
  • rhesus Perhaps they'd all turned into rhesus monkeys.
  • rise In the heart of the boy anger and fear for Nell began to rise .
  • riser Early riser as I am, how could he think to find me up thus early?
  • risk He would like to help Moreto and his daughter if it were not for the risk .
  • risque Thirdly, another unaccountable delay in joining the Callonbys, with whom I am every hour in the risque of being "compromis;" and lastly, a duel in perspective with some confounded Frenchman, who is at this very moment practising at a pistol gallery.
  • ross And there's a child at the new shanty on the top of the track, Mrs. Ross was telling me, last time she was here.
  • Irises With which Katrine cautiously sets her slender foot among the yellow irises and white water-lilies on the edge of the water.
  • Russ The Lick House and the Russ House are comfortable and more moderate; and the International is cheap but comfortable.
  • Crises He fancied that at crises of this strange interview Mrs. Horn was about to become confidential with him, and confidential, of all things, about her niece.
  • Rests How does a contemporaneous igneous rock affect the beds upon which it rests?
  • Risks In fact, we would rather have our freedom of choice and the responsibility of guiding our own life, with all its risks, than be carried forward without choice of our own.
  • rids This charming simplicity, which made it possible for him to put himself on intimate terms with his readers, was the result of his sincerity, his clearness of thought, and his ripe culture: that knowledge of the best which rids a man forever of faith in devices, dexterities, obscurities, and all other substitutes for the lucid realities of thinking and of character.
  • rasps A winch, turned by two carabaos, sets a number of rasps in motion by means of toothed wheels and leather straps.
  • raises Without you happen to find that warmth raises your heart, I 'd say again, be cool.
  • rouses The Hapsburg wished to try upon his young favourite the means which had availed to keep his own footsteps in the path which he desired to see Heinz follow: constant occupation associated with heavy responsibility, the success which brings with it the hope of future achievement and thereby rouses ambition.
  • rips Then back he comes with the apoarthecary-him with the red light-and they rips the guv'nor's sleeves up, spilin' his coat.
  • rims Its face was pale and flabby, while its glassy eyes, set in rims of red eyelids, were beginning to express unmistakable signs of suspicion and wrath.
  • arises But here a difficult question arises .
  • ruses This monk was a Russian, and a master of ruses , understood Greek, and spoke Latin and French, and was what would be called a fine man.
  • rises The curtain rises upon the same stage-setting.
  • ribs I'd have done it if I had known I was to be kicked out of the hospital, broken ribs and all.
  • rinses Fresh-water rinses for the remainder of their equipment followed, and they carried the equipment into the house.
  • RIGS At the far end sliding doors opened out upon an enclosure, round which were the sheds sheltering a widely varied collection of rigs and buggies.
  • RIOS This it is able to effect by its command over the entrance to the river Parana, the direct route to Entre Rios , Corrientes, and the other provinces of the Confederation.
  • ROSES I had to pay $4 for a carriage and $3 for roses.
  • risers Then with regard to the different levels of the floors, concession was implied to "a flat"; but, stairways granted, the risers were to be at zero, and the treads at boiling-point-a strained simile!
  • reuses
  • reissues We won't lose our releases, but"-again there was a catch in his voice-"we could have cleared thousands and thousands of dollars on reissues .
  • wrists She looked as trim as can be imagined in her cream-colored linen suit, with a couple of touches of light blue at the wrists and neck.
  • raisers No wonder smut is the worst trouble for wheat-raisers in the Northwest.
  • abstainings
  • corporealized
  • corporealizes
  • giveups
  • illtemper

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