What is the correct spelling for ROABS?

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Correct spellings for ROABS

  • rabies At the International Medical Congress at Moscow, in 1897, Americans, who expressed doubts as to the efficiency of the Pasteur treatment for rabies , were laughed at by the medical representatives of nations who have the most opportunities for studying the disease.
  • rebus 12. de Rebus Creticis.
  • roads "I'll charge you bank interest; but if you care to put the mortgage up for sale, you'll get your money back 'most any time after they start those roads ," Acton said to Nasmyth.
  • rob We never let trouble rob us of laughter when I was here.
  • robe Her linen collar and cuffs showed white against the dead black of her student's robe .
  • ross Oh, leave Miss Ross alone, will you?
  • Boas Upon the subjects of Swedish society and conversation, Mr Boas is pleased to be unusually funny.
  • Rabbis If I advise you that it is not harmful to eat beefsteak on Friday, or to eat thoroughly cooked pork any day of the week, neither the archbishops nor the rabbis nor the vegetarians will be able to lock me in a dungeon.
  • Arabs But the Arabs preferred to think of their own lives.
  • grabs Then she looks around, grabs up the cover of an empty 'bacco box and a fork and begins a-writing inside.
  • rubs Whereupon Freddy wakes, rubs his eyes, is a little cross at first, after the fashion of sleepy children, but finally says good-night to all and goes off, his little hand clasped in his mother's.
  • robs As to the first two of these points, Todt pronounces the present wages system to be thoroughly unjust, because it robs the labourer of the full product of his labour; and because unjust, it is unchristian.
  • robes These priests, or phungyis, in their old gold cotton robes form one of the most distinctive features of Burmese life in town and country.
  • rows She frowned at the rows of leather-bound books opposite her.
  • roams There he roams about, entirely alone for the most part, supplying his numerous wants, and performing droll capers with all the gravity of an owl, when he thinks that not even Tookhees, the wood-mouse, is looking.
  • ribs It was only when he came to the upper ribs that he saw the real extent of the damage.
  • orbs The roses have vanished from her cheeks, the fire has gone out of her orbs , and her step has lost its old-time cunning.
  • roars It was a funny speech: that is to say, each word he uttered was received with roars of laughter.
  • robbers She gets into all kinds of trouble-is kidnapped by a gang of robbers , and kept in a cave.
  • OBS February, 1848. No. of Elevation Obs .
  • ABS Anybody been phoning or calling or anything during my abs.?
  • RAYS The main body of the fleet was no longer in sight, but three or four white sails could be seen shining brightly in the rays of the setting sun far away astern, while our pursuer could still be distinguished over our larboard quarter, yet apparently no nearer than before.
  • AB'S The Moore Massacre One of the most beautiful sections in Southwestern Virginia is called Ab's Valley, in Tazewell County.
  • ROES She touched the fish and pressed the bellies of the topmost, it might be to question them tenderly concerning their roes.
  • roans Sandy had his long rangy roans , and for leaders a pair of half-broken pinto bronchos.
  • rubes The rubes like to sit around and listen to conversation about Broadway and Bunker Hill and Old Point Comfort and other places, and then go home and tell the neighbours that they know quite a number of stage people.
  • drabs The fellow paid the loan down to $150 in drabs , got sick, moved away, and eventually deeded the Bank the lots and called the loan square.
  • rehabs These days CitiSpace specialized in architectural rehabs in the Greenwich Village area, with as many SoHo and TriBeCa lofts as came her way.
  • Rojas I asked the official concerning Judge Rojas .
  • crabs
  • aborticides
  • achromatizes
  • addings
  • addlebrains
  • ante-dated
  • unfriendlines
  • jerry-build
  • mis-estimated
  • soft-soaps

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