What is the correct spelling for ROG'S?

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Correct spellings for ROG'S

  • frogs After this, it was evident that Holland was not to belong entirely to the frogs ."
  • rogers Sam Rogers thus describes a successful mode of operation: A boy was carried covered over in a butcher's tray by a tall man, and the wig was twisted off in a moment by the boy.
  • ross What a pretty girl that Miss Ross is!
  • togs Granger, I don't like the togs I've been wearing the last few days, and you have worn mine just about long enough.
  • Rages He was sorry for Lavandero, sorry for him as a friend, as a man, as a leader so intent on answering his responsibilities to his moment in history that he had to allow his own personal rages to simmer unattended within him until there again came a time when a man could walk off alone and be his own master.
  • dogs There were only one woman, a few children, and about a score of dogs at the place.
  • robs Corporal punishment, like all other forms of coercion, robs the child of joyousness, and joyousness is one of the most essential elements in the true growth of a child.
  • logs She understood now that it was a sugar hut, built entirely of logs , even the roof.
  • rooks The gulls and rooks are jealous of them, possibly seeing in this measured movement some imagined superiority, for they occasionally buffet them as they fly.
  • hogs Our digestive tracts are similar to those of hogs and monkeys, which eat all varieties of food they can get.
  • rows It is rows , rows , rows , so it's no use pretending it isn't.
  • rocks It was something more to him than a mere bare rock set on the top of other rocks .
  • rods Maurice, a good-natured fellow, took all our jokes in good humour, and, waving his hand as he put spurs to his steed, galloped off; while Denis and I went to amuse ourselves with our fishing-rods, in hopes of obtaining some variety to our usual fare.
  • rogues The Minister, in consequence, issued a decree, ordering that all such persons should be seized and committed to prison, as rogues and vagabonds.
  • rugs "No one to care if I spill pipe ashes on the rugs ," I said.
  • bogs "But are there no places there," the King asked again, "like the country parts of Ireland, with the fields and the bogs and all?"
  • jogs And between Brown's excited scamper and Smith's exasperating crawl the main host jogs along at a medium pace.
  • rags We are collecting our insane in modern hospitals and comfortable homes, instead of letting them wander in rags about the country, and this makes them live longer and seem more numerous.
  • fogs She had, of course, come up to London with her mother, no less busy than himself, and her delight with the great shapeless place-its crowds, its fogs , its lights-was beautiful to see.
  • RIGS Anyhow, I spent most of my time around the rigs and Pete used to call me his boss.
  • COGS The Jacksonian Democracy was already completely ruled by a machine, of which the most important cogs were the countless office-holders, whom the spoils system had already converted into a band of well-drilled political mercenaries.
  • ROES As said before he ate with relish the inner organs, nutty gizzards, fried cods' roes while Richie Goulding, Collis, Ward ate steak and kidney, steak then kidney, bite by bite of pie he ate Bloom ate they ate.
  • ragas He asks whether these are anything like the paintings your king's artists create for English ragas ?
  • rouges With the steady beat of the march, the pantalons rouges crossed, spread, crossed, spread, like regiments of bright, bloody shears.
  • Rojas The president, he love Mr. Scott, too, but the judges were not sympathetic to Mr. Scott, so Mr. Scott asked our president to give them a warning, and Senor Rojas -he is the warning."
  • boogeymen
  • criss-crossing
  • crushings
  • dogcatchers
  • frightfulnesses