What is the correct spelling for ROLEOF?

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Correct spellings for ROLEOF

  • aloof As the days slipped past, curiously aloof and reserved though he was, making no friends and seeking for none, nevertheless he began to look about him and considered the future.
  • clef When You Meet a Man from Your Own Home Town Sing, O Muse, in the treble clef , A little song of the A. E. F., And pardon me, please, if I give vent To something akin to sentiment.
  • golf A Book of Golf Stories.
  • leaf But the mother of my son went like a blown leaf and stooped between this elephant's feet, to lift up her first man-child.
  • reef We arranged to take a trip together to a place called Struben's Mill, which lay behind some hills on the right-hand side of the Main Reef to westward of the Golden City.
  • ref Four little Niggers going out to sea, A ref herring swallowed one, and then there were Three.
  • relief Granny Fox sighed in relief .
  • rile This select corps was now, at sunset, relieving guard, and the queen could hear the words spoken by the officers in command and the clatter of the shields against the swords as they rattled on the pavement, for she had come out of her tent into the open air, and stood gazing towards the west, where the glorious hues of the sinking sun flooded the bare, yellow limestone range of the Libyan hills, with their innumerable tombs and the separate groups of pyramids; while the wonderful coloring gradually tinged with rose-color the light silvery clouds that hovered in the clear sky over the valley of Memphis, and edged them as with a rile of living gold.
  • riley James Whitcomb Riley , our American Burns, is not a "college man."
  • roiled Icy cold and distilled darkness; ripples that ran, then raced and roiled and roared.
  • role For a few seconds, during the luncheon, he had toyed with the idea of telling the Ambassador all that he knew about Gamburdo and Ansaldo and the role of the Falange.
  • roll Your father helped me, and I now sit here with a roll of precisely one hundred and five thousand dollars, and a definite promise to your father to fix things with the great James Carbhoy so no trouble is coming to any one-not even Slosson.
  • rolled Put into a stew-pan a piece of butter rolled in flour, half the peel of a lemon grated, half a nutmeg grated, some salt, two or three lumps of sugar, and three tea-spoonfuls of sweet oil.
  • roller Before the roller men had got through, the others had gone and put on their coats and gathered up their tools; and David knew that they were through their work.
  • roof When one glanced up one might have had the night sky over one's head, for all one could see of the roof .
  • rove When from a rising eminence of land we let our eyes rove over the vast undulating country around us, only the more prominent features impress themselves on our view.
  • rover That little foot seemed a heap worse, an' he was sort o' flushed an' feverish, an' wife she thought she heard a owl hoot, an' Rover made a mighty funny gurgly sound in his th'oat like ez ef he had bad news to tell us, but didn't have the courage to speak it.
  • rule I think it must be the rule .
  • ruler "Ruler of many tribes, Werowance of the Powhatans, Wahunsunakuk, we have come to bring the greetings sent thee from across the sea by our own great werowance, James.
  • wolf "No, monsieur, wolf he is and wolf he will remain.
  • rollover When it was all over, he went down into his state-room, and shut himself in, and let his misery rollover him.
  • Leif Leif reached land in Eiriksfjordr, and proceeded home to Brattahlid.
  • Olaf "Call Olaf Hanson," he said, and there was a stir of excitement.
  • Roles She sang six leading roles that first year.

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