What is the correct spelling for ROMISING?

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Correct spellings for ROMISING

  • missing But a close search of her room that noon revealed no trace of the missing pin.
  • musing In the rare moments of kindly thought and musing on the future which sometimes visited him, he saw Jane mistress of Rede Place, bringing peace and, what is so much nearer the heart of life, love satisfied, to Dick Wantele.
  • promising Stas with difficulty persuaded her to lie down, promising her that he would wait for Saba, and as soon as the day should break, he himself would search for the dog and bring him back.
  • raisin "Miss Starkweather," said the young fellow steadily, "I certainly did sell this place to your father, and if I told him anything about the vineyard I most certainly told him they were raisin -grapes; and upon my soul I thought they were.
  • raising At length, raising his head, he asked, "And have you, then, no counsel to give,-no suggestion to make me?"
  • revising I neither read, write, teach, learn, nor do anything-unless indeed revising visiting books and writing invitations is to be called something.
  • riming And right so our vulgar riming Poesie, being by good wittes brought to that perfection we see, is worthily to be preferred before any other matter of vtterance in prose, for such vse and to such purpose as it is ordained, and shall hereafter be set downe more particularly.
  • rinsing She reached the spring quite out of breath, and she actually bumped into a man who stood carefully rinsing a bloodstained handkerchief under the overflow from the horse trough.
  • rising "I 'm off," said Martin, rising suddenly to make his escape.
  • romaine Through study especially, of Romaine On Faith he became the subject of an inward conversion, of which in 1864 he wrote: 'I am still more certain of it than that I have hands and feet.
  • rosin My mother was already there, making her distaff whirr between her two fingers as she sat in the light of a rosin candle, and my brother Yvon was finishing a wooden butter-spoon.
  • rossini Weber, Mendelssohn, Rossini , and Wagner always praise him in terms of enthusiastic admiration.
  • rousing Rousing himself with an effort, he clambered out of his bunk, and then gripped the little table hard, for his hip pained him horribly as his weight came upon it.
  • Demising
  • Mousing After this they left him in peace: they had forgotten that he was a hawk, and that even the gentle mousing wind-hover has a nobler spirit than any crow of them all.
  • Ramming All these poems were collected into a volume entitled "Ballads from Punch" in which perhaps the most striking are that "To my Hairdresser," and the irresistibly comic satire on modern ordnance, in which during a naval battle, after all the fighting has been done by ramming, "the last stern order of the brave" is whispered through the ship: "We're going to fire the guns!!"
  • Rimming She was watching the last rays of the setting sun rimming with gold the ramparts of the mountain eastward, and burning a crown for Old White Slides peak.
  • Roaming There were Devils-most certainly Devils-roaming the world, and as he watched the Torture and the Terror and then the very dreadful submission, he vowed with clenched lips that he would never Submit...
  • Romancing That and heaven had been the extent of her romancing.
  • Romping Virginia was a child again, romping in the woods and fields beside her father.
  • Rooming I earn my living-or rather my rooming-by the perspiration of my eyebrow," and he explained the situation to the admiring girls and to Helen, who joined them.
  • Premising I will therefore begin by quoting a passage from that valuable work The Rites of Durham, a description of the House drawn up after the Reformation by some one who had known it well in other days, premising only that it represents the final arrangements adopted by the Order, and takes no account of the steps that led to them.
  • Surmising However, Sonya was too desperately ill to permit her nurse much opportunity for surmising.
  • remixing
  • reusing

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