What is the correct spelling for ROORS?

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Correct spellings for ROORS

  • razor It was no longer even possible to leave safety razor blades about.
  • res Ancus, priusquam eis bellum indiceret, legatum misit, qui res repeteret, eumque morem posteri acceperunt.
  • rogers And Henry Rogers understood him and read him like an open book.
  • rood Then made he sign of holy rood upon them, Whereat all cast themselves upon the shore, And he departed swiftly as he came.
  • rooms I have taken rooms there for a night or so.
  • roost The partridges call to each other, and after each call run a few yards swiftly, till they assemble at the well-known spot where they roost .
  • root He then went to work to tear out his former ideas, which had taken a pretty firm root .
  • roots They made me look as though my hair were trying to pull itself out by the roots and escape.
  • rosa At the Villa Rosa gates he wished them a humbly deferential good night, but with a smile hovering about the corners of his mouth.
  • rose Ralph rose to his feet and followed them.
  • ross Then, her light manner gone, she added: "You are very, very good to me, Ross .
  • rosy Tom missed the lad sadly; even his Susan's rosy cheeks and good-humour failed to console him for a while.
  • rotor
  • rouse
  • Riots Gordon, Lord George, the Gordon riots.
  • Roles
  • priors The Deanery was the ancient house of the Priors , of which it contains many interesting memorials.
  • doors Open the doors , and let everybody hear of it.
  • roods Their master came up with them near a large log of wood lying on the ground, and felt much surprise at their making a circuit of a few roods without any object in view, every trace of the fox seeming to have been lost, while the dogs still kept yelping.
  • robes He had left his priest's robes in Egypt.
  • roils
  • rooks At last the rooks desert it, and then the truth is apparent.
  • rows
  • roves Then one deep love doth supersede All other, when her ardent gaze Roves from the living brother's face And rests upon the Life indeed.
  • rots
  • ropes
  • rears Here, in a cool chamber overlooking the tank, upon the brink of which the palace stands, we lunched; afterwards threading our way among the fallen fragments of many a stately shrine and palace towards the high point on which the great Jain Tower of Fame rears its deeply-sculptured shaft into the sky.
  • roars My simple statement that I had done it out of necessity met with roars of laughter and finally I let it go at that.
  • routs Report said that he was always about my lady in London at Ranelagh, and the ball-rooms and routs , and all the fine places; and certainly he was scarcely ever from her side in the pleasure parties at the Park.
  • boors I felt it that first evening, when we behaved toward her like a couple of boors .
  • roofs
  • roues
  • moors It is necessary to explain, that the woman of the Touaricks is not the woman of the Moors and Mussulmans generally.
  • rovers
  • rues
  • RS
  • COORS Butler won the rights to the Coors Beer franchise in Central Texas in 1976, beating out approximately 2,200 other applicants.
  • RIOS Meanwhile, Artigas had retired to the west, and the gauchos, not only of western Uruguay, but also of Entre Rios , Corrientes, the Missions, and Santa Fe, rallied around his standard.
  • ROES Boil the roes slowly in salted and acidulated water, drain, and pour over half a cupful of butter melted and browned, and mixed with a tablespoonful of vinegar.
  • TORS
  • rigors Arriving at St. Petersburg just at the beginning of winter, he found the climate acting very unfavorably upon his spirits if not upon his health, and was unwilling that his wife and his two young children should be exposed to its rigors .
  • razors At sunset he was back at the door of the castle; and in he went over the razors and under the needles, sat at the fire, and the table came out before him as on the previous evening.
  • rowers
  • rotors
  • rumors
  • ropers
  • roomers
  • unembellishment
  • undelicious

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