What is the correct spelling for ROTAR?

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Correct spellings for ROTAR

  • mortar The mortar man wasn't there.
  • rad I had never heard of any one who had the right to say 'dear uncle' to Uncle Rad -but it had a lot in it about blood being thicker than water and all the rest of it, with a kind of request for justice and talk about the cruelty of Fate.
  • radar It was the radar warning.
  • rat You cannot leave this room without my help, nor fire a shot without being caught like a rat in a trap.
  • rate He knew the worst of it, at any rate , and Rosalind need never know it if he kept it all to himself, best and worst.
  • rear The two acting as a rear guard behaved as if they thought we had not the faculty of sight as well as themselves, and evidently believed that by standing perfectly still, and stooping slowly to a level with the dry grass, when we passed nearest to them, they could deceive us into the idea that they were stumps of burnt trees.
  • riot So in their rapid fury mountain torrents That hurl them off their moss-grown altars steep, Seeking the flood with tossing, foaming riot - Here in the vale are bound in the old currents, To stream in future calm and clear and deep!
  • rioter But the second rioter prevented him, and swore he should not depart so lightly.
  • road I was on the right road there too.
  • roar He was about to try the roar of the bull, when it suddenly burst out of the woods behind them, in exactly the opposite quarter from that in which they believed their game was concealed.
  • rod The rod showed two feet eight inches.
  • root The root of his error lies in his not feeling how little can be known of the processes and facts of Nature by ordinary observation, without the resources of experiment and of scientific method built upon experiment.
  • roster True, he understood their attitude; he was merely a serving machine and for the time wiped off the roster of mankind.
  • rot That's rot -just spiteful rot !
  • rota I can hand over the case to Nurse Turner, of course; in fact, it came on her rota , but she asked me as a favour to take it, having her hands full just then with Brother Royle and Brother Dasent's rheumatics.
  • rotary All these machines had to be fed with paper by hand, but in 1869 it occurred to Mr. J. C. Macdonald, the manager of the Times, and Mr. J. C. Calverley, the chief engineer of the same office, that much saving of labour would result if paper could be manufactured in continuous rolls; and the result of their experiments was the rotary press, which was named after Mr. John Walter, the fourth of that name, then at the head of the Times proprietorship.
  • rotate Generally speaking, we may say that the equatorial regions rotate in about 9h.
  • rotc
  • rote The children of the habitants repeated the Catechism by rote , and yet could not read as a rule.
  • rotor As we settled in, the rotor began to cause surface effect, throwing a spray off the paving stones, which now glistened under the cold beam of the landing lights.
  • rotter I've been thrown out as a hopeless rotter .
  • rout To put her to rout !
  • route I am afraid we may have to change our route .
  • router Engaged to Mr. Router !
  • rut Having once got out of the old rut , the next thing is to keep out.
  • tar "Br'er Rabbit" and the "Tar Baby" seemed just in the shadows beyond the flames and if you listened hard you could hear the hiss of the water as an Indian canoe slipped down the lake in pursuit of Brule or La Salle.
  • Rater Never was better than a third-rater, I guess.
  • Rooter It was my own cousin, Herbert, and that nasty little Henry Rooter and their gang.
  • Wrote "It will all come right, dear old thing," she wrote to Doggie.
  • Rhoda Go and look out of the window for Rhoda !"
  • Rita Oh, Rita , Rita , darling!
  • RDA
  • rots The other, for a time the unwilling sport Of circumstance and passion, struggles on; Fleets through its sad duration rapidly: Then, like an useless and worn-out machine, 155 Rots , perishes, and passes.
  • roars The witness left the stand amid roars of laughter; and it required some moments to restore order in the court-room.
  • RT Me hear-rt bleeds for him.
  • RTE
  • rotors The hot-jets had stopped firing and he could hear the whine of the cold-jet rotors .

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