What is the correct spelling for RUGET?

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Correct spellings for RUGET

  • budget I have a whole budget of news to tell you.
  • cruet By and by, in came the waiter-man, with two plates of cabbage cut fine, and chucked a vinegar cruet down before me; then he clapped salt and pepper before Cousin D., with a plate of little crackers.
  • get You mean you don't get it.
  • nugget Simpson had this nugget mounted as a brooch for the lady to whom he was engaged to be married.
  • quiet I enjoyed my quiet day here.
  • racket Well, I guess those years of sense are so mighty few we've got to get rich quick against the time we start on the foolish racket again, and graft, of one sort or another, is the short cut necessary.
  • rage I need not say what a rage Milner was in; calling the gentleman out was the least punishment he might expect.
  • ragged They are ragged and weary.
  • ragout I shall never forget that cursed ragout .
  • regent His enemies began to come back to Court, and Madame de Chevreuse herself left her retreat in Flanders, and was seen at the side of the Queen-Regent.
  • regret But I've given them all up for our work here, and I don't regret it for a second," she added.
  • ridged Instead of the churned-up ridged and rugged timber-decked lands of Pennsylvania and York State, the Creator of scenery chose to pour out this land mainly a smooth and level and treeless prairie-like chocolate on the top of a layer cake.
  • rigged Thankful to be released from their presence, our brave fellows flew to work again, and rigged the jolly-boat afresh.
  • right Of course, she was right about it.
  • rocket Let it not be supposed that the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company is foredoomed to failure, or to immediately explode and go out like a rocket .
  • roget I told him that I could scarcely account for it on the ground of mere coincidence, and I called his attention to that part of "The Mystery of Marie Roget ," where Poe figures out the mathematical likelihood of a certain combination of peculiarities of clothing being found to obtain in the case of two young women who were unknown to each other.
  • rouge "The man who can win at rouge -et-noir can do anything, in my opinion," said Merl.
  • rouged Madelon turned round quickly: behind her stood a woman with rouged cheeks, a low evening dress half concealed by a black lace shawl, beads and bracelets on her neck and arms-a common figure enough-there were half-a-dozen more such in the room-and she took no more notice of Madelon, but went on pricking her card without speaking to her again.
  • rude It was very rude .
  • rug I leaned my elbows on my knees, my forehead on my hands, as I sat and stared down at the bear-skin rug at my feet and saw a vision of fifth-rate existence pass before me.
  • rugged 'I have had my full share of calamity since I set foot in this land; and if this rugged old nature could be crushed by mere misfortune, the last two months might have done it.
  • rugger Two days before Foster had been playing rugger for the 'Varsity against the London Scottish, and I had neither seen the game, because I had to play in a college match on the same afternoon, nor had I seen him since.
  • runt Mike Shane, the third of the trio of Irish laborers in Neale's corps, was a little runt of a sandy-haired wizened man, and he spoke up: "Begorra, he's wan of thim Texas Jacks.
  • rupert In 1643, the King ordered Prince Rupert , with a detachment of two thousand men, to open a communication between Oxford and York.
  • russet White cloud-mountains which turn black and threaten a deluge between bursts of sunshine are banked up above the russet foliage and the brown earth and the old black windmills which wave their arms across the landscape, and in the wind there is a smell of moisture and mist, and the first faint sniff of rotting leaves.
  • rust At the moment, however, speech or silence seemed immaterial, and she merely clapped her hands together, and looked at the distant woods with the rust -like bloom on their brown, and the green and blue landscape through the steam of her own breath.
  • rut The hind wheel just sank down in that deep rut by that there Windy Common corner-you know, sir.
  • Raged To those, however, who were interested in the struggle for Free Trade, which in the year 1846 raged with great fury, the question was, and still is, one of vital interest.
  • Rucked Having rung the bell, the citizen-captain made strenuous efforts to pull his coat into place, for it had rucked up as much at the back as in front, pushed out of shape by the working of a piriform stomach.
  • Rued St. Cyr's corps of 27,000 men was too far away, at Dresden; and Napoleon must have bitterly rued his rashness in leaving that Marshal isolated on the south-east, while Davoust was also cut off at Hamburg.
  • Urged Val urged abruptly when he drew up before the Hawley Hotel.
  • Roger Roger on the presumed alien.
  • rugs Front-stair carpet was bought to go down on back stairs, sittin' room lamp for chamber lamp, kitchen stove-pipe for wash room stove-pipe, an' so on, an' the clothes to make rag rugs -so they give out.
  • PUGET By this route a saving of one hundred and fifty-one miles in actual distance will be effected, and the traffic will reach the deep and still waters of Puget Sound, far away from the troubles and stickings of the Willamette and Columbia mouths, and the delays, dangers, and expenses of the Columbia bar.
  • rouges Perdreaux rouges aux truffes-mark that, aux truffes.
  • ruder Nothing ruder than this interior is imaginable.

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