What is the correct spelling for RUMARS?

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Correct spellings for RUMARS

  • dumas But Thackeray did not succeed in expressing the whole of himself in the romantic vein; perhaps because he did not cultivate it from the start like Scott and Dumas .
  • mars On the contrary, since only one event or situation can be emphasized, it follows that the writer is obliged to choose the one determining crisis which makes or mars the supreme struggle of a soul, the one great change or turning-point or end of a life history.
  • remorse If it is not true that we can keep it and so earn heaven, it is equally false that we may break it without penalty or remorse .
  • remus More intelligibly, Mrs. Nightingale became so wrapped up in her baby, that had seemed to her at first a cruel embarrassment-a thing to be concealed and ignored-that very soon she really had no time to think about where she broke her molasses-jug, as Uncle Remus says.
  • rumor "It was just a rumor ," she replied with reluctance.
  • rumpus They had an awful rumpus , and I think the Phantom threatened to get Mr. Gage some day.
  • Yumas It was a parched and barren country, rife with the Apaches and Navajos and Yumas and other fierce tribes, who stole their horses and cattle and harassed their camps.
  • Romans On the first day, called the Feralia, all Romans were supposed to remain within their own homes.
  • Ramos Antone Ramos was discharged!
  • pumas They are the real "wild beasts" of South America, far more to be dreaded than pumas , or crocodiles, or snakes, or even the fierce jaguar himself.
  • roams This tribe roams along the banks of the Barka and its many tributaries.
  • rims The fog clung to them, dripped from the rims of their steel helmets, made their breath like steam.
  • remarks The Englishman stood, now thoroughly awake, gazing at him, unable to make common sense out of Robert's remarks .
  • rears A kind-hearted woman, called the Kozaczicha, tenders him her services, but he is so jealous of any one but himself doing aught for the child, that he checks her advances, and by hook or by crook obtains a goat from an extortionate Jew, by the help of which he rears the boy satisfactorily.
  • rumps The snow was whitening their rumps and clinging, in tiny drifts, upon the saddle skirts behind the cantles.
  • roars A livelier flame burst forth; the roars suddenly ceased.
  • rams For it was the most sudden of phenomena, like the fight of two rams , as Shakespeare hath it.
  • REMS
  • REAMS Wretched it was,-worse, a great deal, than reams of poetry that is written by children about whom there is no fuss made.
  • RUMS This time she casts behind her her apron, next her petticoat, then her shift, and at last rums much in the condition in which she was born.
  • rhymers If the advice of Pope to some of the Rhymers of his day was needful, viz.
  • rumbas
  • rumors Miss Stevens, I am glad that you have returned, but I am sorry to say that during your absence I have heard a number of unpleasant rumors concerning you.
  • rimes Rimes of ruby crystals ringed pressure-bulged eyes.
  • reamers 60 6 glass lemon reamers .
  • roamers The buffalo, those noble roamers over the plains, and which a century or less ago, existed in almost countless numbers, have nearly disappeared.
  • roomers In the meantime I had been able to pay for all the furniture, through my roomers and singing and sewing, but the large house was too much for me, with sewing until twelve at night, and I concluded to take a smaller house and called on Mr. George Lamson, the auctioneer.
  • absolutenesses
  • abstainings
  • absterged
  • unmatch
  • crumbier
  • crumblings
  • cryptanalyzed

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